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Charter a Airbus A319 VIP Aircraft

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video Tour of Airbus A319 VIP


Airbus A319 - Charter info

The Airbus A319 corporate jet (the A319 VIP version) or ACJ319 for short is one of the biggest private jets you can hire. It is often used for presidential travels or for very large groups. It is used as a presidential aircraft in Armenia, Brazil, Italy, Venezuela, Thailand, Czech Republic, Turkey and Malaysia. It’s no surprise that at Private Jet Charter we love the A319, after all, we love private jets and we love them big! So let’s introduce the A319 to you.

The Airbus A319 is perfect to charter for large numbers of passenger who want a VIP configured Airliner. Popular routes include: Moscow to Dubai | London to Geneva | Abu Dhabi to London | Stockholm to Dubai


Facts about the Airbus A319 VIP Private Aircraft

Aircraft Type: VIP Airliner

Seats: 19 to 50 VIP configuration – 149 Commercial configuration

Range: 6000 nautical miles (11100 km)

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 78 ft 9 in (24m), Width 12 ft 1 in (3.7m), Height 7 ft 4 in (2.25m)

Luggage capacity: 293 cubic feet (8.3m³)

Airbus A319 Interior VIP Aircraft

Let’s start with some numbers

The A319 first rolled out of production line in March 1995 but the A320 series it comes from dates back 1984. The builder, Airbus has already sold more than 5600 aircrafts from this series and it has over 4500 in order! An ACJ319 would cost you over 85 million dollars.

The length of the plane is 111 feet, its width is 111 to 117 feet depending on whether it has sharklets or not and its height is 38 feet. The cabin (excluding cockpit) is 78 feet long and 12.2 feet wide. Even a basketball player would stand nicely in the cabin as its height is about 7.3 feet.

The maximum fuel capacity of the aircraft varies between 24 to 30 tons depending on whether it has its additional fuel tanks installed or not. Empty, an A319 weighs just below 90000 pounds. It can, however, take off as heavy as 166000 pounds. A319, ACJ319 and neo versions are equipped with either 2 V2522-A5 engines, 2 V2527M-A5, 2 CFM56-5B/A or 2 CFM56-5B7 capable respectively of 23040 pounds, 24800 pounds, 22000pounds or 27000 of thrust. Needless to say any of these option will leave other jets far behind!

At maximum landing weight an A319 takes 4750 feet of runways to stop after flying for more than 7 hours. They can cover distances as long as 6000 nautical miles (depending on winglet and tank configuration) at a speed of 447 knots.

Airbus A319 VIP Aircraft Configuration


The Airbus technology has been incorporated in the A319 and ACJ319 to facilitate pilot training. In fact, all aircrafts from the A320 series have the same cockpit designed ergonomically so that pilots can easily be found and are not hindered while flying the jets.

Airbus A319 Cockpit - Private Jet Charter

Airbus was one of the first to introduce fly-by-wire technology into its aircrafts. This technology reduces the amount of fuel used; lower maintenance costs and overall protects the flight itself. The A319 is equipped with category 3B auto land which allows it to land even with poor visibility.

Newer versions of the A319 (even though it can be retrofitted on the older versions) include LCD displays. The A320 series has been developed to be upgraded later with newer technology. This is why, more than 20 years later it is still one of the most technologically advanced series.

Airbus also added sharklets (the little tips sticking up at the end of the wings) to its newer versions of the A320 series and older versions can have them retrofitted. They allow for better aerodynamics and reduce operating costs.

Airbus A319 Size Comparison

Travelling in an Airbus A319

There are different configurations available for the A319 and ACJ319 and not only for engines or wings. The cabin, which as you can see above is considerably larger than average, can be arranged in any way you like. It can fit your needs for long range travel (with a bedroom) or business travel (board rooms). The amount of passengers you can take with you also depends on the configuration. You can take off with as little as 19 passengers and all the way up to 50. 2014 has seen the launch of the ACJ319 Elegance, a simpler modular cabin configuration.

Since the A319 can take you on long flights, comfort matters even more. So far, no existing or planned aircraft beats the A320 series in comfort, space and freedom of movement. For example, with its wide cabin, the aircraft can accommodate round tables when other planes can’t. VIP versions allow for even more space and personalisation with designers interiors and outfitting. You can find out more about the A319 and ACJ 319 on Airbus official website.

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