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The best private jet charter service in the world knowldege and expertise, Private jet charter UK, 50,000 aircraft worldwide Private Jet Services, cheap private jet Privacy when renting a private jet 24/7 air charter services safest most reliable private jets Contact Private Jet Charter for all your Air Charter Service needs when you Fly Private. If your Searching for a Jet on the Net use Private Jet Charter, our fleet has everything from light jets, mid size jets, long range aircraft and VIP airliners available to rent

Inside Private Jet Charter

What do you look for when chartering a private aircraft? For more than 25 years Private Jet Charter has surpassed our competitors standards, creating a quality of service that is truly unbeatable.

What you get with private jet charter

Private Jet Charter Specialists - Established in 1991

ISO 9001:2008 Accredited – NBAA – Air Charter Safety Foundation

Free Consultation, Advice & Quotations

The Newest & Latest Models of Aircraft

Guaranteed Aircraft Availability

Access to over 50,000 aircraft and 41,000 airports worldwide

Use of dedicated ‘Private Only’ Airports & Terminals

Free Airport Meet & Greet Service

Two CPL Certified Pilots and Cabin Attendant Included

Free Complimentary Bar & 5 Star Catering

Travelling with Pets? – Easily Arranged

Free 24hr Flight monitoring

Free Replacement Aircraft at no Additional Cost

Free Upgrades where possible

Free Limousine Transfer within 30 mile/50 km radius of Airport

Global service - Available 24/7, 365 days a year

Access to other Luxury Services including Yacht Charter, Supercar Hire, Luxury Villa Rental

Exclusive Diamond Reward Scheme for Executive Travel Bookers


Rating: ★★★★★

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Private Jet Charter frequently arranges jet charter and helicopters on behalf of my client and his family, for both short and long haul flights.

This has always been carried out with the utmost professionalism and respect for the client’s wishes.

Service used: Private jet charter services

5 / 5

Rating: ★★★★★

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I've been using Private Jet Charter for 14 years because they offer a great service worldwide and are highly reliable.

Their service has been beyond outstanding for me, as even at extremely short notice (within 2hrs) they still manage to get me a jet in time.

Service used: Air charter services in Europe

5 / 5

Rating: ★★★★★

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Private Jet Charter understands my Industry, and knows exactly which aircraft I will need for specific trips.

I've tried many jet companies in the past, but none compared to Private Jet Charter.

Service used: VIP Airliner hire for Worldwide travel

5 / 5

Rating: ★★★★★

-- Review --

Having a personal charter specialist available to me 24 hours a day is an incomparable service.

What I like most about Private Jet Charter is that they genuinely want to help me, and will go above and beyond to guarantee this. That is why I only use Private Jet Charter.

Service used: Private Jet and Helicopter Charter

5 / 5

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Private Jet Charter
How to Book a Private Jet?

How to book a Private Jet with Private Jet Charter. If you want to Rent a Private Aircraft then read on to see more information on what you need to know when deciding to hire a plane or helicopter

How do i book a Private Jet? Its easy, read on and find out the things you really want to know when renting a private aircraft from Private Jet Charter

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Private Jet Charter | Rent Jets & Helicopters Worldwide

Wouldnt you like to have the best private jet experience ever? Now you can when you rent a private jet from Private Jet Charter.

For over twenty years its all we've been doing. We are so much more than just a global private jet charter company—with experienced multilingual staff across five time zones, working out of offices in Europe, CIS, the Middle East, Asia, and America, we're confident we can offer a true quality experience.

Which Jet can take lots of passengers?

We have a number of jets within our fleet ranging from 4-person aircraft such as a Citation Mustang or Citation Jet CJ2, 16 seater Jets such as a Gulfstream G550 or a Bombardier Global Express, going all the way up to VIP Jets that carry up to 30+ passengers such as a Boeing Business Jet or a Fokker 100 VIP. Need to fly even more passengers than this? Get in touch - subject to availability, we have access to a number of full-size airliners to match your needs.

different sizes of private jet organized by size, range, passenger capacity and examples of flight distance

Small Jets to charter rent leese hire

Cessna Citation Mustang

rent a citation mustang private jet charter

Passengers: 4
Non-stop Range Example:
London to Ibiza
Cabin Dimensions:
(H) 4.5ft x (L) 9.7ft x (W) 4.6ft

Learjet Lear-45

rent a Learjet 45 private jet charter

Passengers: 8
Non-stop Range Example:
Athens to London
Cabin Dimensions:
4ft 11 (H) x 5ft 01 (W) x 19ft 10 (L)

Cessna Citation Jet 2

rent a Citation Jet 2 (CJ2) private jet charter

Passengers: 6
Non-stop Range Example:
Nice to Stockholm
Cabin Dimensions:
4ft09 (H) x 4ft10 (W) x 14ft00 (L)

Mid Size jet charter rent lease hire

Cessna Citation XLS

rent a Citation XLS private jet charter

Passengers: 8
Non-stop Range Example:
New York to The Bahamas
Cabin Dimensions:
5ft 09 (H) x 5ft 08 (W) x 23ft 08 (L)

Raytheon Hawker 800 XP

rent a Hawker 800 XP private jet charter

Passengers: 8
Non-stop Range Example:
Moscow to Cyrpus
Cabin Dimensions:
5ft 10 (H) x 6ft 00 (W) x 21ft 04 (L)

Cessna Citation III / VI / VII

rent a Citation III / VI / VII private jet charter

Passengers: 8
Non-stop Range Example:
Hong Kong to Tokyo
Cabin Dimensions:
5ft 07 (H) x 5ft 06 (W) x 18ft 06 (L)

Super Mid Size Jet charter rent leese hire

Cessna Citation Sovereign

rent a Cessna Citation Sovereign private jet charter

Passengers: 8
Non-stop Range Example:
Kazakhstan to Dubai
Cabin Dimensions:
5ft 09 (H) x 5ft 07 (W) x 25ft 03 in (L)

Bombardier Challenger 300

rent a Bombardier Challenger 300 private jet charter

Passengers: 8
Non-stop Range Example:
Miami to Las Vegas
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft 01 (H) x 7ft 02 (W) x 28ft 06 (L)

Gulfstream G200

rent a Gulfstream G200 private jet charter

Passengers: 8-10
Non-stop Range Example:
Washington D.C. to Los Angeles
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft 04 (H) x 7ft 02 (W) x 24ft 06 (L)

Wide long range jet charter rent hire leese

Embraer Legacy 650

rent a Embraer Legacy 650 private jet charter

Passengers: 16
Non-stop Range Example:
Moscow to Dubai
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft (H) x 6ft 11 (W) x 42ft 04 in (L)

Bombardier Challenger 604

rent a Challenger 604 private jet charter

Passengers: 18
Non-stop Range Example:
London to New York
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft 01 (H) x 8ft 02 (W) x 28ft 03 (L)

Dassault Falcon 900

rent a Falcon 900 private jet charter

Passengers: 14
Non-stop Range Example:
Australia to Hong Kong
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft 02 (H) x 7ft 08 (W) x 33ft 2 (L)

Large Long Range jet charter hire rent leese

Dassault Falcon 7X

rent a Dassault Falcon 7X private jet charter

Passengers: 15
Non-stop Range Example:
Hollywood CA to Oslo NO
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft 02 (H) x 7ft 08 (W) x 39ft (L)

Bombardier Global Express

rent a Global Express private jet charter

Passengers: 14
Non-stop Range Example:
Berlin to shanghai
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft 02 (H) x 8ft 03 (W) x 48ft (L)

Gulfstream V / 550

rent a Gulfstream V / 550 private jet charter

Passengers: 16
Non-stop Range Example:
Montreal CA to Dubai
Cabin Dimensions:
6ft 02 (H) x 7ft 04 (W) x 51ft 01 (L)

VIP Airliner charter rent hire leese

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)

rent a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) private jet charter

Passengers: 50
Non-stop Range Example:
London to Los Angeles
Cabin Dimensions:
7ft0 (H) x 11ft07 (W) x 79ft02 (L)

Airbus A319 VIP

rent a Airbus A319 VIP private jet charter

Passengers: 34
Non-stop Range Example:
Paris to Bangkok
Cabin Dimensions:
7ft 04 (H) x 12ft 02 (W) x 78ft (L)

Boeing 737

rent a Boeing 737 private jet charter

Passengers: 48
Non-stop Range Example:
Munich to Abu Dhabi
Cabin Dimensions:
7ft 03 (H) x 11ft 07 (W) x 51ft 01 (L)


Jet Charter from Nashville International Airport, TN - Learjet 75

Jet Charter from Long Island MacArthur Airport, NY - Cessna Citation Mustang

Jet Charter from Chicago Executive Airport, IL - Embraer Phenom 300

Jet Charter from London Luton to Koln-Bonn - Cessna Citation CJ3

Jet Charter from London Luton to Paris Le Bourget - Cessna Citation CJ3

Jet Charter from Innsbruck to London Luton - Cessna Citation XLS+

Jet Charter from London Luton to Innsbruck - Cessna Citation XLS+

Jet Charter from Chambery to London Luton - Cessna Citation CJ3

Jet Charter from Chambery to London Luton - Embraer Legacy 650

Jet Charter from Chambery to London Luton - Cessna Citation XLS+

Jet Charter from Grenoble - London Luton - Embraer Legacy 650

Jet Charter from Geneva - London Luton - Cessna Citation XLS+

Jet Charter from Chambery to London Luton - Cessna Citation XLS+

Jet Charter from London Luton to Chambery - Cessna Citation XLS+

Jet Charter from London Luton to Chambery - Cessna Citation CJ3

Jet Charter from London Luton to Grenoble - Embraer Legacy 650

Jet Charter from London Luton to Teterboro - Embraer Legacy 650

Jet Charter from London Luton to Boston - Embraer Legacy 650

Jet Charter from London Luton to Boca Raton - Embraer Legacy 650

Jet Charter from London - St Maarten - Gulfstream G550 - 16 to 18 passengers

Jet Charter from Farnborough - Late January - Challenger 604 - 10 passengers

Jet Charter from Farnborough - Late January - Hawker 1000 - 9 passengers

Jet Charter from Bournemouth - Learjet 45 - 8 passengers

Jet Charter from Marrakech to Farnborough - Learjet 45 - 8 passengers

Jet Charter from Bournemouth to Dublin - Learjet 45 - 8 passengers

Jet Charter from Moscow to Dubai - Gulfstream G550 - 16 to 18 passengers

Jet Charter from Turkey to London - Citation Sovereign - 9 Passengers

Private Jet Charter Official Video

The Jet Report

Private jet charter personal assistant hire jet for your boss how to book a jet

Which jets do certain industries need and why? A compelling and informative report of the Charter Industry today.

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Are you a PA? We can help

Private jet charter personal assistant hire jet for your boss how to book a jet

Not everyone knows how to charter a jet. Call Private Jet Charter and we will talk you through the best aircraft suited for your trip and budget. Simple!

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Who's Flying the Most Private Jets? 2014

Who Flies Private Jets? Private Jet Charter Infographic showing the Private Jet Rental habits of the World

Who is flying the most Private Jet's in the World? Private Jet Charter reveals Industry Statistics with some surprising results

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Top Destinations
Private Jet Charter

charter jet UK, charter jet uk, charter jet asia, charter jet europe, charter jet UAE, charter jet oceania

The clear seas of Cuba, the fine cuisine of Rome, the bustling streets of Tokyo, where will you go!? Charter a jet to somewhere wonderful this 2014

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Private Jet Charter
Aircraft Charter - UK, Europe, UAE, China, Japan & Australia

~ Rent a Private Jet Now ~

Scroll down for more information about renting a private jet worldwide, including UK, Europe, UAE, China, Japan and Australia. The following page covers the cost of renting a private jet, jets and their capacities and videos and pictures of Private Aircrafts interiors and exteriors.

World Travel Awards - Europes Leading Private Jet Charter Award

Private Jet Interiors

Private Jets are available in such a variety of different cabin dimensions it can make it confusing to know which aircraft suits your journey. So what should you look for when renting a private jet?

All private charter aircrafts have luxuriously designed interiors and are made for comfort. The main difference between interiors other than color scheme and style, will be the cabins dimensions/size. For example - if you were to take 14 passengers internationally, you could use a Gulfstream G550 or Dassualt Falcon 7X. Both are beautifully designed aircraft however you'll find the G550 is 12ft longer and the 7X is 4 inches taller.

Want to know more about private jet charter USA? Then please call us using the number below or email us at [email protected]


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Refer a Friend to Private Jet Charter

Refer a Friend to Private Jet Charter and receive gift cars worth UK £200 / USD $300 or EUR €260!

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Charter from a range of Cessna Private Jets

Las Vegas Nightlife

Ultimate Party on
a Private Jet

Party on a private jet

Do you like to party? then this is the one for you! Could you handle Private Jet Charter's Ultimate Party

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Helicopter Charter, Helicopter Rental, Helicopter Hire, Private Jet Charter

Helicopter Charter UK

Helicopter charter is ideal for short trips and island hops. Here at PJC we have a wide range of helicopters to choose from to suit all your business and luxury travel needs.

There are myriad benefits to travelling by helicopter:
You can drop into obscure places, such as jungle terrain, which makes helicopters ideal for hunting trips. It's much quicker and more efficient than travelling by road, and really saves on the fatigue you face with boring car journeys. The views are spectacular from a helicopter! You really get a different perspective of the terrain you are traversing, from high up in the clouds. Arriving in a helicopter to your business meeting is the most professional way to arrive, and you will really make an impression on the people you are meeting. After all, arriving by helicopter is what presidents do…

So with all these advantages to travelling by helicopter, why not get a quote today and see how much you can save when you book with Private Jet Charter.

Light Jet Charter, rent a light jet, small jet charter

Light Jet Charter UK

Light jet charter is advantageous for those of you on a tight budget, as light jet travel is normally more cost effective that using a large aircraft for your trip. They can also use shorter runways than some of the bigger aircraft, which gives you more options when it comes to choosing which airport you'd like to land at (perhaps one airport is nearer to your destination than the main airport in a particular area).

At PJC we have a large selection of light jets to choose from, catering to all kinds of business trips and luxury travel. From the Lear 45 to the Citation Mustang, we can find exactly the right aircraft to meet your specific requirements.

Why not get a quote today and see how much you could save when you book with Private Jet Charter?

mid size jet charter, rent a mid size jet, hire a mid size jet

Mid Size Jet Charter UK

Mid size jet charter is the next level up from chartering a light jet and as such is slightly more expensive, but there are various advantages to chartering a mid size jet over light jet charter. For example, mid size jets like the Citation Excel and Dassault Falcon 200 offer a more spacious cabin than the Citation Jet 1 or Beechjet 400, and are also capable of travelling for longer distances.

Another benefit of chartering a mid size jet is that you will be attended by cabin crew during your flight to make sure you have everything you require and are taken care of, a luxury that you would not get if you opted for turboprop or light jet charter.

So why not get a quote today and see how much you could save on your mid size jet trip with Private Jet Charter?

Super mid size jet charter, rent a super mid size jet, hire a super mid size jet

Super Mid Size Jet Charter UK

If you need to charter 8 to 10 passengers in the United States, you will need a super mid-size jet. This category has been created especially to accommodate the needs of groups between 8 and 10 passengers.

Let’s say for example you want to charter 9 passengers from Abernathy airport, Texas to Baltimore, Maryland for a week long vacation then you will probably choose the Challenger 300. You will get to fly in a superb jet equipped with a galley, full washroom facilities and plenty of space for you and your friends luggage. You can get all that for less than $60,000 dollars on a single phone call or email (Note that prices can vary dependant on variables). So what are you waiting for? Click on our Quick Quote tool or give us a call and let’s take to the skies!

long range jet charter, rent a long range jet, hire a long range jet

Long Range Jet Charter UK

When you fly abroad or even from one coast to the other then you need a long range jet. There are several jets like the Falcon 7X, the Gulfstream G450 or even the Challenger 604 in this category that would be perfect for a cross country flight.

For example, if you’re planning to spend your weekend in Los Angeles with your friends and you live in New York then you will probably choose an Embraer Legacy for your trip. You and your 12 passengers won’t have to spend more than $7500 dollars each (on average) for your flight all the while having the flexibility to change your return time and boarding through a private checkout. We can help you book your weekend on one simple phone call so don’t hesitate anymore! If star singers choose this category of aircraft for their tours, you know there’s a reason!

VIP Airliner Charter, VIP Airliner Rental, VIP Airliner Hire, Private Jet Charter

VIP Airliner Charter UK

VIP Airliners are jets that are usually flown by commercial airlines. However, for large groups or simply when you want to charter a plane that has a little extra room, VIP airliners are an obvious choice.

Let’s take the example of a band that needs to go to France for a tour. They may have to stay there for a month but with all their instruments and luggage, even if their technicians fly with them, they will need a large aircraft even though their number may only be 25.

Well the return trip from Dallas, Texas to Paris, France won’t cost them more than $800,000 dollars if they choose the BBJ. The Boeing Business Jet is a flying palace with a huge cargo hold that can be hired on a simple phone call and can fly you to any destination on earth! So, don’t look any further, even if you don’t play any instrument, you can fly today, in the plane you like most!


I need to hire a private jet then, on landing, to take a helicopter to a remote location. Can you do this?

Private Jet Charter can do it indeed. We can book your flight to any destination in the world and have a helicopter ready to take you to your final destination, even remote. You could, for example, rend a Cessna or a Learjet from London to Geneva and then fly in a private helicopter, like a Eurocopter, to your hotel, helipad or any private property that has enough clear space to land on it.

Click here to get a price for your flight and helicopter transfer


What’s an « empty leg » or « dead head »?

A dead head, or more commonly called empty leg, is a flight that has been booked for a single trip rather than a return flight. The aircraft would then fly back to its base without passengers. Private Jet Charter often offers empty legs to many destinations worldwide. These flights include “empty legs” from Moscow to Dubai, the rental of a BBJ from Singapore to Geneva, a quick hop in a Cessna from London to Paris, a longer flight in a Gulfstream G550 from the Maldives to New York and many more. The main interest for an empty leg is its lower price. In fact, since some fees have already been paid on the return flight, it allows for a lower price on very luxurious jets.

What are the empty legs / dead heads available in the next few days?


What is the cost to rent a private jet?

The cost of a private jet rental varies depending on a variety of factors. When asking for a price, keep in mind that the following variables will have an impact on the result: The type of aircraft, its position in the world at the time, how far you’re taking it away from its base, the length of the flight, the amount of passengers, permits if they are required etc. These variables will drive the price of a private jet rental, or a helicopter rental, either up or down.

Get an estimate for your flight in a private jet


Can you also arrange my transfer to (and from) the airport?

Private Jet Charter can organize your entire trip, including your transfers. What if you also need a hotel room close to the airport, can you book one for me will you ask? Well, in fact, Private Jet Charter can source the closest 5 star hotel and book your transfer to it.

Here is an example:

Client: “I need to attend a meeting in London, but I will also need a nice 5 star hotel nearby for a few days. Could you book me one?”

PJC: “Of course, we can book you a hotel near where you are having your meeting. There is a 5 star Ritz-Carlton Hotel near by. Would you like us to set up your transfer from the airport as well?”

Client: “That would be great! Please book a room and the transfer on my behalf, and please book me a chauffeur for my meeting in the morning too”

PJC: “I will take care of the bookings straight away and send you the contract for you to sign.”

Client: “Perfect. This is going to make my business trip so much simpler. I will call you again for my trip to For Lauderdale, thank you.”

Video courtesy of Greg Kundolf


Would you like to hire a Yacht for your holiday?

If you have browsed our destination section, you may think that some of them would be perfect if you had your own yacht. Thanks to our partners, we are able to provide you with transfers, flights and even yacht rental worldwide so you won’t have to spend millions just to spend time at sea in a beautiful private yacht.

Let’s say for example that you are flying from the United Kingdom to the Mediterranean Sea for your holiday. Leaving from London to pick up your yacht in Monaco, you would first have to go to Farnborough airport for which we can arrange your transfer in a luxury vehicle. Once your chauffeur has arrived at the airport, you will proceed through your private check in and board your jet, such as a Gulfstream G550. This would be the perfect aircraft for such a long range flight because it would be able to fly without refuelling and you could enjoy a very comfortable flight. When you book your flight with us you can choose catering options specific to your personal taste, no matter how exact. Arriving in Nice, you will then take a private helicopter to Monaco where you can board your yacht and start your holiday! Your yacht will allow you to reach any destination in the Mediterranean Sea, such as Majorca, the French Riviera, Dubrovnik or even Olbia which is famous among boating enthusiasts.

Your trip can be as long as you want it to be. If you need to cut it short and come back early, we will be happy to help you. Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just for that reason. It is also possible to extend your stay, even if you decide to do so at the last minute. Our staff will also deal with any special request you may have, such as booking hotel rooms on your behalf, using a specific type of aircraft, taking your pets on board etc. With Private Jet Charter, we tailor your trip to fit your needs.


Here are some Popular USA Airports to Rent a Private Aircraft to / from

the following either have Private Terminals, Private Use Only or cater for people to Rent a Private Jet from:

Hire a Private Jet to / from Teterboro (TEB) Airport, White Plains (HPN) Airport, Boston Bedford (BED) Airport, Rochester NY  (ROC) Airport, Chicago (PWK) Airport, Aspen (ASE) Airport, Eagle Vale (EGE) Airport, Fort Lauderdale executive (FXE) Airport, Fort Lauderdale hollywood (FLL) Airport, Miami Opa Locka (OPF) Airport, Miami South Beach (MIA) Airport, Miami Tamiami (TMB) Airport, Palm Beach (PBI) Airport, Orlando (ORL) or (MCO) Airport, Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airport, Houston (HOU) Airport, Atlanta Dekalb (PDK) Airport, Van Nuys (VNY) Airport, Burbank (BUR) Airport, Oakland (OAK) Airport, Washington D.C. (IAD) Airport and L.A. Beverly hills Airport.

by Jet Charter, email Private Jet Charter author.


Top Destinations by Private Jet Charter

The clear seas of Cuba, the fine cuisine of Rome, the bustling streets of Tokyo, where will you go!? Charter a jet to your favourite destination for a wonderful trip. Whether you like winter sports or lying on the beach, we can put you on a jet to the destination of your choice in record time! If you can’t make up your mind, browse our dedicated destinations page to discover where you would like to spend your spare time.

Our teams are available at all times to answer any of your questions or register your bookings. That way, even if you decide at the last minute, we can still take you wherever you want to be and make sure you’re having a lovely time abroad. Visit Dubrovnik for a view of some of the series Game of Throne’s settings, or Giza to see the Great Pyramids, or even Cape Town if you would like to go diving with sharks! With Private Jet Charter, the entire world is at your doorstep.


Do you want to travel with your pets?

With Private Jet Charter, it is possible to fly with your pet. Unlike with commercial flights, in most cases, your pet will be allowed to fly in the cabin with you. For you, it’s a guarantee of safety and of great care for your pet. At Private Jet Charter, we understand that it can be important for a pet owner not to have it kept in a luggage area, even if it has air conditioning, so we made sure that our partners were able to accommodate pets. However, travelling from one country to another with your pet requires some preparation: Your pet will need to have its own passport and most countries will require it to be micro chipped. Some countries have very specific rules, such as the United Kingdom and Ireland were some diseases have been completely eradicated and the countries are fighting for them not to be introduced again. They also require them to take a tapeworm treatment. To learn all about the policies and vaccination periods, you can use this link. The United States also have their own rules. You can read all about them on this website and if you need one, you can even order your pet passport from it.


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