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Private Jet Charter:
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Do you need Aircraft Charter Services?

Wouldn't you like to have the best private jet experience ever? Now you can when you rent a private jet from Private Jet Charter.

For over twenty years it's all we've been doing. We are so much more than just a global private jet charter company—with experienced multilingual staff across five time zones, working out of offices in Europe, CIS, the Middle East, Asia, and America, we're confident we can offer a true quality experience.

Which Jet can take lots of passengers?

We have a number of jets within our fleet ranging from 4-person aircraft such as a Citation Mustang or Citation Jet CJ2, 16 seater Jets such as a Gulfstream G550 or a Bombardier Global Express, going all the way up to VIP Jets that carry up to 30+ passengers such as a Boeing Business Jet or a Fokker 100 VIP. Need to fly even more passengers than this? Get in touch - subject to availability, we have access to a number of full-size airliners to match any needs.

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Scroll down for more information about renting a private jet worldwide. The following page covers the cost of renting a private jet, jets and their capacities and videos and pictures of Private Aircrafts interiors and exteriors.

World Travel Awards - Europes Leading Private Jet Charter Award
Rent a Private Jet for worldwide travel now. Private Jet Charter brings you the best aircraft in all types (from super light aircraft to VIP Airliners), to charter from anywhere to everywhere

Can I Hire a Private Jet to Miami? Can I Rent a Private Aircraft to Dubai? I need a quote for multiple trips?

Yes we can! Private Jet Charter can lease all types of Jets & Helicopters Worldwide for single, return or multi leg trips. Whether you're in California, Abu Dhabi, London, Geneva, or Hong Kong, Private Jet Charter has the perfect Jet for you.

Best Private Jet Interiors - Private Jet Charter

Rent Private Jets and Helicopters with Private Jet Charter - International Private Travel

I need to charter a helicopter, what have you got?

We have a full range of Private Helicopters for leasing including the Agusta 109, Bell Jet Ranger, Sikorsky 76 and more.

What type of Jet do i need to Hire? should i rent a light jet or charter a super midsized aircraft? What's the difference?

Picking the right type of aircraft can be difficult if you havn't spent over 20 years in the aviation industry, but it can be made easy with Private Jet Charter. The variables in jet types will determine the following: passenger capacity, range the aircraft can travel, cabin dimension (height, width, length), catering facilities etc.

So what does it all mean? Private Jet Charter will beable to tailor the perfect aircraft to your chartering needs, but it's always good to know specs of aircraft for future knowledge. For example if you were to rent a jet from New York to Miami and you had from 1-7 passengers, you could charter a Lear 35 Light Jet, or use a Lear 55 Mid Size Jet (which has more room). But why are those aircraft good for leaseing from New York to Miami? The Lear 35 has a range of 2,056 miles non-stop flying distance, takes upto 7 people and has 40 cubic feet of luggage capacity. The Lear 55 has a range of 2,039 miles of non-stop flying, can take upto 7 passengers, has a luggage capacity of 60 cubic feet and has a slightly larger cabin than the Lear 35; The lear 55's cabin dimensions are as follows - length: 13.7ft, width: 5.9ft and a height of 5.7 ft

How much would renting a Lear 55 from New York to Miami cost? When hiring a private jet there are certain variables that make the price. These variables include where the aircraft is stationed and how far it is from the departure airport, passengers taken, distance in flight to destination, landing permits etc.
Based on variables a guideline estimated price for chartering a private Lear 55 aircraft from New York to Miami would be $20,000 USD

Learjet 55 - ready to lease worldwide

Rent a Private Lear Jet 55 with Private Jet Charter

Learjet 55 Interior - Lease a private aircraft Lear 55 now

What is a Dead Head / Dead Leg Flight?

In the Aviation world you may have come across the term Dead Head or Dead Leg amongst other terminology. A 'Dead Head' flight is where a client has booked a one way trip except the aircraft is empty going back to its originally airport. The reason people are always interested in the cost of Dead Head (Dead Leg) flights is because they are run at a much cheaper rate than a regular flight (mainly because most of the cost has been covered by the original client). For an up to date list of Dead Head (Dead Leg, Empty Leg) flights available for charter goto our Dead Head page

I need to take a lot of Passengers, what is the best size aircraft for a large amount of people?

Private Jet Charter can lease private aircraft with capacities from 1 to 100+ passengers. If you were to charter a super mid sized jet such as a Gulfstream 200, you could take up to 10 passengers at a range of 3120 miles.
The cost to charter a Gulfstream 200 from Los Angeles to Teterboro, New Jersey would be an estimated cost of $34,979.00 USD (variable dependant)

"I've got more people than that, how many passengers could I fit if I chartered a wide-bodied or large, long range Jet?"
If you were to rent a Falcon 900 or lease a Gulfstream G450 you would be able to take up to 14/15 passengers over a range of around 5000 miles.
The cost to charter a Gulfstream G450 from Washington D.C. (IAD) Airport to Aspen-Pitkin Airport would be an estimated cost of $38,838.00 USD (variable dependant)

"I have a football team and need an aircraft to take around 40 people, what type of jet do I need?"
For such a large amount of passengers you would need to charter a VIP Airliner / Commercial size aircraft. If you were to charter a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ Aircraft) you could take between 16 to 50 passengers in a luxury private aircraft. The Boeing Business Jet can travel around 6000 nautical miles which is essentially half way around the world in flying distance. The benefit of chartering a BBJ is that it can be equipped with boardroom, cinema, dining area, bar, bedroom and bathroom facilities.
The cost to charter a Boeing Business Jet from Palm Beach Florida Airport to Las Vegas Airport would be an estimated cost of $60,570.00 USD (variable dependant)

"I need to charter an aircraft that can take 100 passengers for my wedding, what aircraft would I need?"
Private Jet Charter can offer you a Boeing 767 VIP Airliner. The Boeing 767 VIP can take 102 passengers all in First Class VIP seating arrangements. A Boeing 767 VIP can travel a range of 3640 miles, which could comfortably fly from New York to Los Angeles.
The cost to charter a Boeing Business Jet from Opa-Locka Miami to Los Angeles for 100 people would be an estimated cost of $65,620.00 USD (variable dependant)

Look inside a VIP Airliner - Airbus A319 Interior Private Jet

I need to charter an aircraft to Washington D.C. is there any hotels near by?

Here at Private Jet Charter we can organise your aircraft rental aswell as sourcing a near by Hotel for you.
Client:I need to charter a return flight to Washington Dulles Airport, Do you have a Lear 55?

PJC: We have a Lear 55 available to charter, do you require any private chauffeur driven transfers or accommodation?

Client: Yes i do! Can you organise that aswell for me? I need a hotel near to Washington Dulles Airport with transfers, and i could also do with a chauffeur to take me to my conference in the morning with some of my clients.

PJC: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is around 30 minutes away, we can have a Luxury Sedan Lincoln pick you from the airport and a Cadillac DTS limousine pick you and your clients up in the morning, how does that sound?

Client:That's absolutely perfect! Thank you so much, i'll definitely be using Private Jet Charter again for all my business trips.

The Ritz-Carlton Washington D.C.
Ritz Carlton Hotel - Available with Private Aircraft Charter Services

Here are some Popular USA Airports to Rent a Private Aircraft to / from

the following either have Private Terminals, Private Use Only or cater for people to Hire a Private Jet from:

Hire a Private Jet to / from Teterboro (TEB) Airport, White Plains (HPN) Airport, Boston Bedford (BED) Airport, Rochester NY  (ROC) Airport, Chicago (PWK) Airport, Aspen (ASE) Airport, Eagle Vale (EGE) Airport, Fort Lauderdale executive (FXE) Airport, Fort Lauderdale hollywood (FLL) Airport, Miami Opa Locka (OPF) Airport, Miami South Beach (MIA) Airport, Miami Tamiami (TMB) Airport, Palm Beach (PBI) Airport, Orlando (ORL) or (MCO) Airport, Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airport, Houston (HOU) Airport, Atlanta Dekalb (PDK) Airport, Van Nuys (VNY) Airport, Burbank (BUR) Airport, Oakland (OAK) Airport, Washington D.C. (IAD) Airport and L.A. Beverly hills Airport.

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