Here’s a fact: both leisure and business travellers seem to be swapping their fractional and wholly owned aircrafts for charter services, due to their economical operations. Air charter is the easiest and least expensive means of obtaining on-demand transportation, as it is just about as easy as calling for a limousine.

Time savings not only include the time that you save by avoiding long lines and increased security measures, but also the increased productivity possible when flying by private aircraft. Compared to a crowded and restrictive airliner where getting any work done would be impossible, you are able to continue your daily tasks in private jets, as private aircraft are designed as flying offices, enabling access to all of the equipment required to maximize your productivity in the air.

There is also the confidentiality factor to be considered. Chartering a flight allows executives and employees to work and communicate without concern. A private cabin circumvents eavesdropping and reduces travel visibility to protect the sensitive information carried by company personnel.

It’s also safer than travelling on commercial airlines. When an aircraft is chartered, everyone that is
on-board, including pilots and passengers, and the baggage carried, is all controlled by the
company, resulting in a safer travel. Overall, charter flights have a safety record better than that of scheduled airlines, and that’s certainly a comforting fact.

So what about those who own their own aircraft?

Unlike owning an aircraft, which limits the owner to just his or her plane, chartering offers
clients the flexibility and opportunity to travel in various planes. Each charter aircraft
has unique speed, range, payload, and comfort features which allow clients to fly in the
appropriate jet for a given situation. As each aircraft is best suited for a particular operation, this leads to lower costs for the customer.

Plus the added advantage of being able to fly into smaller airports. Unlike airliners, which require more runway length than private jets, charters are able to operate out of 5,400 airports as compared to 420 in the United States alone. Therefore, clients are able to fly into airports that are more accessible and closer to their final destination.

With all the facts considered, we’re confident you’ll agree that chartering a private jet is the only way to travel!