Well I’m sure you are all wondering what on earth I have been up to, because you haven’t heard from me for a while.  I’ve had a bit of time off to organise a very special family event.  My daughter Leah’s Surprise 21st un-birthday party.  Yes, you did hear me right…an un-birthday.  You see when its her actual birthday on 6th November, its such cold and miserable weather I thought I would go for the element of surprise and hold a summer party.

The theme was characters from Alice in Wonderland and of course Leah was to be the only Alice.  Here’s Mr C as you never thought you would see him (how did I manage to persuade him into that costume?).  He’s the Mad Hatter and I am a Playing Card.  Don’t we look glam?

I think I missed my true vocation in life.  I should have been an event planner! It was such fun turning our garden into Wonderland with giant playing cards, blow up flamingos, mad hatter hats and bunting.  We glued red paper roses to the topiary trees and liberally scattered red rose petals on the poseur tables and up the VIP red carpet.  Finish off by covering the house with plenty of twinkly lights and the scene is set.

We created a ‘Mad Hatter’ cocktail served in cups and saucers on which I had painted hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.  We had flamingo straws and playing card swizzle stick stirrers.

I enlisted the services of Tara from Apocalyptic Events to provide the most gigantic illuminated chocolate fountain.  Thank you Tara it was awesome, a great success.

And the services of Billie Loveland the owner of Canterbury based Sweetie Darling Cakes to create me an Alice in Wonderland cake.  ‘Can I go a bit mad with it?’ she asked.  Yes, I said, but put a tea cup on the top.  Well when the cake arrived on Saturday morning, it was so overwhelmingly stunning, I almost burst into tears.

Fabulous Billie, just fabulous 🙂


So how did we get her there without finding out and in full Alice attire?  Never underestimate the sneakiness of best friends and family! She thought she was going to her grandparents fancy dress party and just calling into our Sandwich house to cadge a lift over.  The look of sheer surprise and joy on Leah’s face when she arrived at the house and opened the back gate to a chorus of ‘SURPRISE’ and Walt Disneys ‘A very merry un-birthday to you’ blasting out and realised that this was all for her, made all the planning worth the effort.

It was a magical night, I loved the bit where we all lit sparklers and danced around to Katy Perry, Firework.  My thanks to Adrian Handley of Loaded Studios for providing a great playlist of sounds that we just couldn’t stop making shapes to.  James his colleague who amazed us all at the end of the evening by singing Michael Buble in the exact voice of Michael Buble, (we weren’t expecting that!)

And a huge thank you to Jason Dodd our official photographer of the evening for the fabulous photos, they absolutely captured the joy of the occasion.