I’ve been flying around so much that I wake up in the morning and can’t remember where I am (you know that ‘where is the bathroom thing’).

The last few weeks in Fort Lauderdale have been fab and I have loved every single minute.  But now I have been sent off in a totally different direction with our very lovely Russian lady Olga Sevcuka.

Sunday found me at Heathrow Airport far too early for comfort (why not take our own private jet and go later?)  There we were in Harrods buying a few client gifts when Olga declared that she wanted this Teddy.  ‘No way’ I said ‘Are you mad?’  It  will take up a whole seat all on it’s own.

And with a struggle I made her leave him behind!

And if you had asked me, I wouldn’t have expected my first day in Moscow to find me at a client’s shop who actually sells guns, knives and all things to do with hunting.

And to be perfectly frank I never expected to be impressed by this kind of stuff, but believe me when I say that hunting as a sport is taken extremely seriously out here.  We are talking aggressive Wild Boar, Stag, strange shark type fish and even Crocodile.

Yes, this is me sitting on a very beautiful grizzly bear!  I’m sure stranger things happen at Sea!

And then on the way home from all these appointments, our driver Vladimir (what other name were you expecting?) said ‘How would you ladies like to stop in Arbat Street?

Obviously at -6% I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of wandering the equivalent of the French Champs Elysee and freezing my extremities but I thought ‘oh well, I’m here now so I guess I should go have a look’.

And there was my reward, a plastic life size cow.  Of course.  Why would’t every famous street have a life size plastic cow?  In my opinion it will now become a necessity.

And possibly a bronze life size dancing bear.  You know, I am beginning to love Moscow, not just for its truly stunning architecture, its exceptional churches, mad traffic and its quirky warm people.  But just for being completely off the wall.  Nastravia you people Xxx Respect. W x