Yes it’s all over now for another year.  Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, the worlds largest boat show came to a finish on Monday and it was a great event.  Here are a few amazing facts for you; there is 9.5 miles of dockage, 10.5 miles of dock line, 7000+ slips, the smallest length of boat is only 8 feet, there were 5,500 gallons of beer served, 14,000 hot dogs sold and 930 cubic yards of trash collected.

In fact, thousands of people came out and smiled through the wind and rain to see more than 1,200 exhibitors of boats, mega yachts and the occasional submarine!

Much of South Florida’s coastal region was under a tropical storm warning on the opening day, but boat buyers are a hardy bunch and turned out regardless.  Much of the bad weather came from the fringes of Hurricane Sandy, but the storm moved northeast a few hundred miles off the coast of Florida, so the latter part of the week was fine.

Couple the remnants of the hurricane with a neap tide, (this occurs when the Sun and Moon are at right angles to the Earth and their gravitational pulls counteract each other) your’e impressed I know this aren’t you? Oh ok I’ll tell the truth, I actually looked it up!

All I can tell you is there was the largest lowest moon I have ever seen.  Stunning! And the unusually high tide created by the neap tide meant that all the roads around Las Olas flooded.  So it’s been a real big week for weather.

Yes there really is a road under there.  This was Las Olas Boulevard just a few days ago! Someone remind me to bring my welly boots next time 🙂