Yes, hands up, I am having a secret affair.  Who with? I hear you ask.  It’s not what you think, honest.  I am having a secret affair with….the City of London!  I reckon I have the best job in the world.  I get to travel the world, attend lots of glitzy events and spend most of my time talking.  What more could a girl want?

But, when I am not travelling, I spend a bit of time in London visiting clients, and I am more seduced by London every time I go.  It’s not just the amazing architecture that does it for me, it’s just such a buzzing place, you can feel the vibe everywhere you go.  I guess in the main, I am in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea so I’m probably a bit spoiled.  But I love South of the bridge too, the more bohemian parts where we have a lot of music industry clients.  So I get to access all areas.

This week I had a few fab days running around London and tubing it backwards and forwards (still the easiest and fastest way to get where you need to be, I am actually quite good at it now), morning meetings in the West End, an afternoon meeting at the fabulous Four Seasons (love that hotel) and ended the evening at a do at the Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster Bridge (courtesy of David Haines, you lovely concierge person you) a super networking event with white wine on tap. Thats me on the bridge on the way home.

Michelle joined me on Wednesday.  Whats with all the Faberge Eggs Michelle?  I noticed in my travels that we kept on finding Faberge Eggs.  It turns out for the six weeks leading up to Easter, central London is the playing field for the Faberge Big Egg charity Treasure Hunt.

Hunt organisers hope to raise 2 million pounds for two charities, Action for Children and Elephant Family.  The giant eggs have been bedazzled by jewellers, artists, architects and actors and can be found in 12 designated ‘egg zones’

It certainly adds a splash of colour and makes people smile.  You couldn’t make it up could you? Only in London 🙂