Lets tell you all about our boat show experience.  Thursday opening day the sun shone and it was an incredibly busy day.  We had our stand under the US Superyacht Association Pavillion (thats me and Joshua on the left, what do you mean he makes me look like a midget – he’s just overly tall!)

Derek and Daniel were also at the show, which ran through over the weekend to Monday, which was great as it gave us all the opportunity to have a walk around and meet some of the super yacht companies.  You just can’t believe the size of some of these Superyachts.  Recession? What recession? It certainly doesn’t seem like it here!

Mr C was rather taken with this little beauty to my right and you can’t really blame him, it was a stunner.  I made sure he didn’t have his credit card on him when he went for a walk around, but I can’t guarantee that he won’t be the ‘proud owner of” before the show is over.

Anyway, I know you are all desperate to hear about the cocktail party planned for Saturday 29th in the West Wet pool area….the day before had been very grey and rainy, but we weren’t worried by that.  Ever the optimists we just knew it was all going to be fine for the party.  That is until the heavens opened.  Think monsoon and you are somewhere close!

Hurricane winds and stair rod rain like you can’t even believe!  The exhibition hall that we were in actually flooded.  No, unfortunately I am not joking (look at this poor guy on the left, he looked like he had been swimming) and he only popped out for a coffee.

So finally at 4pm we had to abandon our optimism (can’t we just put up a few umbrellas I had whined earlier like a spoiled child) so I phoned Kathy Koch to say OK take it into the ballroom!  Good decision she said.

The ballroom looked beautiful, Kathy, Brenda and Diane from Ambit Marketing thank you so much and Jillian head of catering and events at the W Hotel, thanks to you too.  You did a great job.

The evening was a fabulous success, we made lots of new friends, the ‘High Flyer’ was delicious, the food almost looked to good to eat and the Champagne flowed.  Who needed a pool anyway?

We had a great jazz band playing, don’t you just love a Saxophone, and the floaty gold dancing lady whirled and twirled like a beautiful frosted fairy.

Mr C and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and of course by the end of the evening needless to say, I was to be found strutting my funky stuff on the dance floor.

Here he is its Ricardo with the signature ‘High Flyer’ cocktail.

It was delicious, I should know, I drank several of them!

Grey Goose with pear, Champagne and elderflower cordial.  Quite sweet, but could be addictive.


Look at our fabulous swirling, twirling gold dancer.  Don’t worry, I’m going to show her a thing or two later!


See, I told you so.  She just couldn’t compete with this girl!

Yes, thats yours truly, throwing a few shapes on the dance floor.  Well of course that was it then…everybody got down to boogie.

See below a few more shots from the party!