Dubai is without a doubt a tourist destination that is on the top of places to visit list of any tourist. People from all around the world head towards this land of unexpected treasures at the very instant they get a chance to. It is not a in borne quality that Dubai had from the beginning but It is something that was developed over a period of time and helped this region in earning the place that it has now.


Dubai is famous for its landscape and the ultra developed modern cities that are known for the skyscrapers. These skyscrapers also give birth to the artificial star studded shoreline that may appear to anyone looking at the city from the sea. But at this point it is going to be utterly wrong to say that Dubai is all about the fun on land and the activities hence related to it.


Dubai is surrounded from most of its sides by the majestic Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf attracts tourists and game fishers from around the world because of its rich fauna and numerous marina, creeks and bays that are formed therefore. The sightseeing only can prove itself to be an adventure enough and can totally make the trip worthwhile. It is totally advisable to charter a yacht and then take a tour of not only the naturally present creeks and bays but also the newly manmade wonders that stand next t shore of Dubai. These sights might include the Burj Al Arab, the jumeirah palm islands and the world islands.


Charter a yacht for five to seven people and go on a memorable cruise with your family and friends to see these magnificent stunts of modern architecture as well as the pearls carved by the nature with time. Let you divulge in nature and look at it from a view that was never known before. While at it, do not hesitate to drop in a fishing line and wait patiently because who knows you might end up getting the catch of the day and hence rejoice the fun of this yacht cruise all together.