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Smartwatches, the latest trend

They include all functionalities that smartphones already have – except maybe taking pictures – and they are already available at Sony or the Italian Blue Sky – with the I’m watch, pictured below on the right -. Available apps vary depending on the maker but we can already imagine that models to come will have many more than these as well as – hopefully – standard USB ports.

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Rolex, a standard in luxury

When you think about watches you have to think about Rolex. It’s not just by chance that Rolex is now regarded as one of the best watch makers in the world. Their watches precision and style are well-known. For their owners they are often seen as a sign of success. In the last decades Rolex cutting edge technology has brought us inventions such as waterproof chronometers and self-winding mechanisms.

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Breguet, An 18th century precursor

Established in France in 1775 and now located in Switzerland Breguet has never ceased to amaze. Concepts such as “perpetual” or automatic watches were first thought of by Breguet. They also created the very first wristwatch in 1812 for the Queen of Naples. They were even featured in a 2009 exhibit at the Louvres museum in Paris.




T6jqvWXThe sky’s the limit!

Nowadays, themes and shapes are only limited by our imagination. Many of them are inspired from television shows or well-known movies.

The model below was created by Vianney Halter and was inspired by Start Trek. It even bears the name of the ship it was designed after. In the centre, you can see a triple axis based whirlwind which is the central mechanism of the watch. One can only marvel at this intricate time keeper.




If you like watches but also enjoy something a little different or out of the ordinary you will love our good friend Anish Bhatt’s collection. He displays part of it on his website: . Don’t keep your hopes up for a portrait though. When our mystery man isn’t travelling, he spends a lot of time taking pictures of his wrist… and his beloved watches!


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