Tefaf Maastricht 12-21 March 2010 : The World’s Leading Art and Antiques Fair

This is the event not to be missed by art lovers.  As a visitor to TEFAF Maastricht you will be present at an outstanding event, one that offers the best choice of the very best in fine art.  Since 1975 Tefaf has offered a unique chance to view and to buy paintings from Bruegel to Bacon as well as objects reflecting 6,000 years of excellence in the applied arts.

Kilgore12112009T92756Nowhere else will you find such an elegantly displayed selection of genuine masterpieces from 239 of the world’s most prestigious international dealers.

And nowhere else will you find yourself in such a distinguished and stimulating company of dealers, academics, art critics, and collectors. During the week of the fair, anyone who is anyone in the field of fine art will be at TEFAF Maastricht.

TEFAF Maastricht has led the way and is still setting the standards in this area. Every item on view at the fair has been subject to rigorous checks as to its quality, condition and authenticity.

Checks are carried out by 25 specialist vetting committees, made up of around 150 internationally respected experts. If a work does not meet the exacting standards it is simply removed from the fair and stored in a locked area until the fair is over.

This strict vetting procedure gives buyers the greatest possible reassurance that they are buying top-quality art and antiques.  TEFAF Maastricht was the first to introduce The Art Loss Register at the fair in 2000. The ALR checks whether an object appears on the list of stolen art.

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