All the ladies in our office were slightly jealous at two flights we recently booked for a VIP client.

Our client requested that their aircraft be filled with hundreds of red roses as a beautiful romantic gesture and a surprise for his wife.

red-and-pink-roses romanceOlga, one of our Aviation Consultants made sure everything was in place and just as requested the aircraft was filled with roses, so that the lucky lady could relax on her flight surrounded by the most delicate of floral scents.

Romance is definitely alive and kicking!

We do get many different requests for specific types of food, drink, magazines and media on board, but the request for these gorgeous scented roses particularly brightened up our day.

On a daily basis we make sure that all clients’ requests are accommodated from the romantic to the bizarre and everything in between.

If you have any ideas that you would like us to put in place to make your trip even more special and memorable, please just ask, and we will do our utmost to put everything in place.

Don’t forget, if you are flying clients or suppliers, or arranging an incentive trip, we can brand the aircraft outside and in, which really is very impressive; you can make a huge statement, and “own” the aircraft for the duration of the trip for minimal cost.