We are very pleased to have expanded our team yet again in Dubai, due to the increasing demands of our Middle Eastern clients.

With the temperatures soaring in the Gulf, many of our clients are planning their summer travel to favourite European destinations.

Last month we welcomed Elie Nehme to our Dubai TeamĀ of brokers.

Elie is a graduate of the Lebanese American University in Lebanon with a degree in International Business.

Dubai TeamHis language skills will be a great benefit. Elies mother tongue is Arabic, but he also speaks English fluently and French. He is a welcome addition to the broker team and will be working alongside colleagues Kadir Awad, Nesrin Elhawary and Ahmed Abubaker, to further strengthen the team.

We are also very pleased to welcome on board Mary Al Khoury, who has joined the business development team, supporting Elie Abdo our Business Development Director and working alongside Amna Saleh.

From left to right some of our Dubai colleagues: Kadir Awad, Ahmed Abubaker, Nesrin Elhawary, Mary Al Khoury, Elie Nehme and Elie Abdo.

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