On 22 May International Air Charter chartered a VIP Canadair Regional Jet 200 for the guests of the VIP launch party at the Mardan Palace Hotel in Anatalya.

The lavish $1.4 bn luxury resort built by Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov, welcomed a glittering audience of international dignitaries and celebrities including Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Tom Jones and Mariah Carey.

The black tie launch party was a great success with Mariah, Seal and Tom Jones taking centre stage to entertain a whole multitude of celebrities and journalists alike.

Surrounded by the dramatic Taurus Mountains, the palatial resort comprises 560 rooms including 2 Royal Suites with private pools.

The 5 star hotel boasts Europe’s only swimming pool reef, five gigantic aquariums and a sumptuous spa with real snow!

Mardan PalaceIn addition there are 17 bars, 10 restaurants, the Mediterranean’s largest swimming pool complete with gondolas and an amphitheatre seating 900 for world-class entertainment, there is ample provision whatever your requirements.

A Hawker 800 XP from London to Anatalya would cost around £25,600 for a weekend return for 2 people.

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