International Air Charter, one of the world’s leading private jet charter companies, is today changing its name to Private Jet Charter. Chief executive Hugh Courtenay, who founded the company, says: ‘The rebranding reflects the fact that we nowadays focus almost exclusively on luxury private jet charter.

Master logo-large International Air Charter to Private Jet Charter




From starting the business in the UK in 1991 with just one office, Courtenay has overseen the growth of a major international aviation charter organisation that now has 30 staff, and a network of offices in UK, Nice and a significant presence in the Middle East from a busy base in Dubai.  The organisation is also planning to open new offices in key charter hubs Moscow and Florida in 2011.

People from all walks of life and from the widest range of areas of business, industry and commerce, are regular users of the company’s services

‘I think our growth has been due to a range of vital factors,’ says Courtenay, ‘from our complete dedication to our customers, to our access to what we believe is the largest and most comprehensive fleet of private jets anywhere in the world.  Our unique and sophisticated state-of-the-art aircraft sourcing technology was developed at an early stage and this Computerised Aircraft Tracking System CATS enables our aviation consultants to source available aircraft at the click of a mouse, by aircraft type, number of seats, year of manufacture and at any location in the world. When a customer calls with an enquiry, we can almost instantly provide details of the most suitable available for the clients’ itinerary and give an indication price, there and then.’

The nature of the private jet charter business means that the recession has had little effect on it. Private jet charter has in fact become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people avoid security worries and expectations of long waits to check-in at airports by opting for the advantages of taking a private jet.

gulfstream_IV_2Hugh Courtenay says: ‘It’s a myth that private jet charter is only affordable by tycoons and movie stars. If several people are flying together, the cost of private charter can often only represent a relatively modest premium compared with the aggregate price of first-class fares on a scheduled flight.

It’s also essential to factor into the cost the enormous benefits of being able to fly from and to the airports that are absolutely the most convenient for your journey at the time you choose.

Also, the sheer comfort and the completely personal service that taking a private jet flight offers, means that passengers will arrive fresh and relaxed without having had to endure the stresses scheduled flights so often involve.’

Specific benefits that the Private Jet Charter organisation offers its customers include:

  • 24 hr service, 365 days a year
  • multilingual and expert staff
  • competitive free quotations and advice
  • unique CATS aircraft sourcing technology
  • flight watch monitoring on all executive air charter flights. This involves keeping the PA or travel organiser informed of every stage of the journey, from limousine pick-up to take-off, progress of the flight and landing.
  • state-of-the-art new generation private jets
  • the highest calibre pilots and cabin crew
  • use of private business and VIP terminals
  • check-in only 15 minutes before departure
  • rapid, but secure, immigration procedures
  • fly from an airport of your choice at the time you specify
  • security and discretion guaranteed
  • ‘meet and greet’ facilities
  • comprehensive airport information
  • limousine ground transportation if required