As the realm of technology develops, so does the lens through which we perceive it. Our constant craving for the latest in cutting edge technology is gradually paving the way for the tech savvy generation to hanker for more. Ultimately, technology at one’s finger tips is not enough anymore, and therefore design technology has had to start it’s process into adapting to meet this demand.

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From the 80’s when the first mobile phones were roughly the size of a Dachshund to the ‘all encompassing cosmic power’ that comes with your I-Phone today; The development of the mobile phone has come a mighty long way. In fact its come such a long way, that we barely let our smart phone out of our palm, let alone our sight. Well the smart cookies that develop these fabulous gadgets are well aware of our vice for such need to constantly have readily accessible info close to us. If we were any closer we’d be wearing it (…oh wait).

And there you have it! Why not combine fashion with technology?

Here are a few concept design examples of how our gadgets are set to look in the forth coming years latest fashion accessories.

The Orbital Ring Bluetooth

The Orbital Ring Bluetooth does exactly what is says on the tin. What looks as though could be a futuristic mood ring is in fact a Bluetooth speaker for your ear. When placed onto the ear, the Orbital Ring looks as though it is designed as a decorative piece of ear jewelry, which looks rather elegant when worn. Stylish and elegant, we like it.

bluetooth fashion



The Sony Cuff

This device is a concept design which can be worn as a bracelet which doubles as a touch screen phone. The device it’self is fabricated from a flexible OLED touchscreen which features pull out keyboards and a holographic projector.

tech fashion

Perhaps if you would like something a little more subtle (that doesn’t look like a stolen prop from the set of Tron), attainable within the next year and actually want to wear? Then these are the accessories for you.


Cuff is a jewelry company, located in San Francisco which has designed and produced a range of wearable technology. The range prices start from £90, with items having satellite navigational software built in.  The bracelets for example, are equipped with blue-tooth 4.0, GPS, a year long working battery, and can be synchronized to iOS apps.


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The Swarovski glass security ring

This nifty little concept number diffuses the age old issue of having to route through your handbag to find your keys. This concept design is a Swarovski glass security ring, which helps it’s wearer to open locks! Very bond.

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So here it is, the new technology concept designs…We will literally be wearing technology. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying…its pretty damn impressive.