Yes as proverbial as it may sound this statement sums up the July and August Private Jet market right now.  It’s all about supply and demand!

EBACE_181 bookIf you have a trip in mind for July and August please call us or email us your requests this week if possible.  We are finding that we are able to offer some excellent prices for our clients’ trips right now, but only if they are booked well in advance.

Unfortunately the demand for private jets is such that the best deals are being booked earlier than usual for this time of year, and if you come to the market late then prices being offered by the operators are considerably higher due to the lack of availability and huge demand.

We have had a very busy Spring coming into Summer and it is set to get even busier this year.  If you have a trip coming up please do call us to book in advance and we will secure your aircraft now,  and get you a super deal.  There are some lovely new aircraft being added to fleets, which shows that the private jet market has found its feet again.

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