Private Jet Charter have partnered with Armatus Risks to provide our clients with the best in personal protection when the need arises.  If you require a bodyguard or a full protection team, let us know your requirements and we can provide you with a fully integrated service including limousines, personal protection and private jet travel.  Contact us for more information.

Close Protection Teams

CP Armatus RisksIt is imperative when choosing a Close Protection Team (CPT) that not only is it selected to provide an effective and professional service to the client but also that the team itself is chosen specifically to meet with the clients expectations. With this in mind Armatus Policing and Protection (AP&P) part of the Armatus Group of companies is one of the only companies who hand picks its teams to meet this requirement.

Unlike many providers of Close Protection operators who hold massive databases of individuals, AP&P relies on the fact that the directors of the company know all of the CP operators it uses personally. These operators have been recruited form either the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit (RMP CPU), Home Office Police Close Protection units or trained by Armatus CP instructors who themselves were instructors at the world renowned RMPCPU. All of AP&P CP operators have been formally vetted and all hold a current and valid Close Protection Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence.

AP&P specialises in the deployment of Close Protection Teams in the UK, EU and Worldwide. All AP&P operators are able to deploy in a corporate and or hostile environment and have the necessary skills and advanced training allowing them to carry weapons subject to the laws and licensing regulation of the country they are deployed to.

AP&P prides itself on the ability to provide some of the most experienced and highly qualified male and female Close Protection operators in the world and ensures the clients individual needs are met.

Individual Bodyguards

BG1 Armatus RisksArmatus Policing & Protection has the capability to provide an Individual Bodyguard (IBG) when the need for a full Close Protection Team is not required. Armatus Policing & Protection (AP&P) only allows the most experienced and qualified Close Protection Operators to assume this intimate, responsible and disciplined role.  An Individual Bodyguard (IBG) is tasked to provide discreet protection to High Net Worth Individuals, Celebrities, their families and other individuals where appropriate.

Armatus Policing & Protection provides the most experienced male female Close Protection Operators available to suit every client’s requirements..

Close Protection VIP Chauffeurs

Armatus Policing & Protection (AP&P), only employs the most experienced and specialist drivers for its Close Protection VIP Chauffeur service. AP&P VIP Chauffeurs are trained to the highest standards and have all completed relevant Security Industry Authority Close Protection Training including anti ambush driving techniques. This along with having the requisite skills appropriate to chauffeuring. Armatus Policing & Protection VIP security chauffeurs are trained to the highest standards in Close Protection, advanced and anti ambush evasive driving

Armatus Medical Services

Armatus Risks also supplies highly qualified Parmedics and medics worldwide. All of our Paramedics and Medics are also close protection trained and can deploy fully equipped at short notice anywhere in the world.

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