Well you knew it was coming didn’t you.

Having moved into our beautiful new larger office premises at 500 East Broward Blvd, a big thank you here to Shelley Jaspen of Yolo Interiors for being inspirational, you did an absolutely awesome job of the interior design.

We decided to throw a welcome reception cocktail party to cut the ribbon on the opening of our new offices, in conjunction with our very good friends from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, who have helped and supported us every step of the way.  Robin Ronne, CEO of the Council (and personal hero of mine) and his oh so fantastically organised Executive Assistant the lovely Peggy Doty helped us to organise the best party in town.

By invitation only, 5.30-7.30 Suite 1870.

And despite the rain (yes why does it always rain here when we throw a party?), we found that we very soon had filled the space with friends old and new and business associates drawn by the lure of our signature High Flyer cocktail (we turned our receptionists desk into a bar for the night.  I personally think we should keep it that way), and the delicious canapés offered by Rosanna Santos of Big Chef catering.  Absolutely delicious.

But my  my master stroke was to ask our good friend Wesley Phillips the fabulous singer and trumpet player that I love and adore, (seems everybody else loved and adored him too) to entertain at our event. When this man sings, you simply can’t stop your feet from moving.  So of course the dancing kicked off, and it ended up being one big fat party.  Perfect 🙂