On Thursday, Olga and I braved the appalling cold, rainy weather to have a private viewing of a Fokker 100 aircraft based at Vnukovo 3, Moscows Private Jet Airport.

With a VIP interior configuration it’s great for taking 16 in VIP seating, with an additional 12 passengers seated in club class seating at the rear of the aircraft.  We managed to get our feet soaking wet as the snow had melted and we waded from the car, up the aircraft steps and on-board.

The aircraft was incredibly spacious, comfortable seating, sofa that convert down to a bed, highly appointed bathroom, two galleys, plenty of storage, 3 DVD players, SatCom, and depending on passenger numbers 2-4 cabin attendants.

But my absolute favourite thing, and I realise this is fairly childish of me, is that you can change the lighting to suit your mood.  So the question is, do you feel green, blue or orange?

It was good to see the VIP lounges at Vnukova 3 too, although I think maybe I will investigate the possibility of having a Private Jet Charter VIP lounge.  I’m sure I could do it better than that!

So wet, cold and tired Olga and I headed back to the Ritz Carlton, our home for the week, to wash and brush up.

We emerged revitalised and looking glamorous, and headed off for one of my favourite restaurants which is something unpronounceable in Russian but written down looks like ‘Boctok’

Its’s a sort of Asian fusion cuisine and its very, very good.  But the main draw is that they have this wonderful feature fireplace wall and a table for two right in front of it.  ‘Come on Olga’ I said, ‘lets go and get toasty with a glass of wine’, so we did.

So here we are at Friday already.  How time does fly when you are having fun.

The weather had brightened up a bit too.  We headed off with a day full of meetings.  But one of them cancelled and we found ourselves right near the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art with half an hour to spare.  Would have been mad not to have gone in. Olga made a beeline for her favourite, a statue of naked 30ft tall man.  Who’d have thought it!


So the traffic did it’s usual gridlock thing, and as Olga and I hadn’t eaten a thing all day, we decided to stop on the way back and have dinner.

We plumped for Pushkin Restaurant which is incredibly famous and frequented by VIP’s and Government Ministers.  So we thought well, if its good enough for them, we’ll give it a go.

We had a table in their Library restaurant room upstairs, a beautiful old room with a feel of times gone by, and enjoyed a superb dinner of traditional Russian fare, whilst listening to gently soothing music provided by a harpist and flute.

We walked back to the hotel.  Well we thought we ought to because we had eaten so much.  And Olga, who has had a bad throat all week said ‘how about we go to the Sauna when we get back, the heat might do me some good’.  ‘Lets go’, I said.


The Ritz Carlton pool and Spa is really quite special.

You have a softly lit main pool thats not too cold, and a smaller jacuzzi pool that is hot bath temperature.  Lovely 🙂

Is that you there looking all ‘Ethel Merman’ Olga? We did the steam room and the sauna before they informed us they were closing, so we had to leave.  I couldn’t believe it was 11pm already.


Just time for a nightcap in the O2 Skybar then.


Saturday is our last day in Moscow.

It’s pretty cold, but nothing could deter us from our souvenir shopping in Red Square, where we met these two great guys, who seemed to take a bit of a shine to us.

Shall we take them home Olga?

So we are off to the airport.  Olga back to London and me, well I’m joining Mr C in Dubai.  Think I deserve a bit of sunshine 🙂