So Friday night was set.  Mr C wanted to see an American football match so we rounded up the guys and headed for the Sun Life Stadium to watch the Miami Dolphins play the Atlanta Falcons.  First off we hit the team store, Mark got a Dolphins cap (very fetching, thats Mark with Adrienne) and I came out with a big sponge hand and a Dolphins Monkey. Cute! So onwards into the stadium.  Now obviously I haven’t got a clue about the rules, but honestly it doesn’t matter.  It’s about the atmosphere, and boy do these Americans know how to put on a show, the big screen flashed up ‘MAKE SOME NOISE’ so we did, big time.  Thanks to our good friend Jason of Fox Sports we had the best seats in the house.

The cheer from the crowd was amazing as the Dolphins team ran onto the pitch and let me assure you ladies, that’s a lot of beefcake out there.  The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (boys click the link for an absolute treat) were just as amazing, so much energy (note to self…get yourself a pair of pom-poms and get shaking!)

Well in all this excitement I nearly forgot to tell you about my new friends.

These three guys had all the moves, I really couldn’t take my eyes off them they were having so much fun.  Turns out they are rappers (as in rap artists) and this is Papa Daddy Punk and his crew with yours truly (well I couldn’t resist it could I).

I guess the only disappointment was that the Dolphins got beat, but we had a great time regardless.  Don’t you just love Florida? I do, I do, I do 🙂