Jeff Garrity and I were invited by Karen Reese from the City of Fort Lauderdale, Office of Economic Development and Clara Bennett, Executive Director of the Airport to visit the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport for a guided tour of the facilities.  Thank you ladies, I learned a lot.  It is one of the busiest General Aviation airports in the country serving 160,000 aircraft operations per year.

There is also a very funky restaurant called Jet Runway Cafe tucked away on the airport, its a great place to sit and have breakfast or lunch and watch the planes taking off, and the foods pretty good too.

We were also treated to a tour of FBO Banyans facilities, for those of you not familiar with aircraft speak, it stands for Fixed Base Operator they offer a whole host of Business Aviation Services, an amazing pilot shop where you can go nuts and buy anything to do with aircraft, and a really classy lounge (think Tommy Bahamas), if you have to wait a few minutes for your jet.  So my thanks to Captain Bruce Woodrell for taking time out to show us around and to Don Campion, President of Banyan.

So you see, I do make time for some work amongst my partying!

The evening saw Mr C and I out on the town with my favourite bold brash New Yorker dude.  He flew in specially cos he knew I was here.  Yes its that legend of the SEO world Mr John Weiber.  Was that enough of a build up for you John man, you know I love you man right?  Thats me and John out on the town.

We did Chinese at the Asia Bay on Las Olas Boulevard, he did Sushi (I don’t know how you eat that stuff), they have this amazing waitress who takes your order and never ever writes anything down and never forgets anything! (I have to keep going back and ordering stuff, just to try to catch her out).  You know what my fortune cookie said? ‘You will soon be sitting on top of the world’ I think I already am!

So it was pretty late when we finished, but we still managed to find a rocking out bar on the way home.  Its a new one in town since I was here last, called American Social.  Its a sports bar with big screens everywhere and loud music.  Love it 🙂