Hugh Courtenay, Chief Executive, at the helm of global private aircraft and helicopter charter company Private Jet Charter for the last 25 years, says has seen a distinct shift in the important role that private air transport is playing in today’s Oil and Gas sector.

Courtenay says ‘there has been a huge growth in the demand for tailored air transport solutions as the search for energy moves into ever more remote and difficult to reach geographical regions around the globe, as new exploration locations open up’.

The role that the broker plays as an alternative solution provider is key in providing access to these remote locations, often not accessible by any scheduled carrier. Experienced and dedicated professionals offer specialist advice and find the most cost effective solutions with dedicated aircraft from reliable sources to exactly suit the itinerary, timings and number of passengers. It is certainly a cost effective way to ferry crew from localised hub airports for onward helicopter transfer to oil rig.

Urgent freight is another good reason to charter a private aircraft, dependable cargo solutions are imperative for critical time sensitive goods. A lot of cargo movements are time sensitive, and because of their size and weight, exceed the allowable limit for scheduled services. It could be that the aircraft used is a light jet fixed wing model carrying a small but critical part to keep the cogs of industry turning, and without jetting it there, it would cost industry downtime many thousands of pounds, or it could be heavy or outsized equipment used on rigs that require urgent movement by dedicated cargo aircraft. Unforseen interruptions to the supply chain can cost the industry untold sums of money, in these cases time really is of the essence and therefore charter solutions offer flexibility and speed to get goods moved promptly and minimise any disruption to productivity.

An often overseen use of fixed wing charter is for CEO and top board of director travel. Courtenay says ‘these guys have mega busy lives and don’t have time to stand around waiting for a scheduled commercial aircraft which will take them to a regular commercial airport where they will then have to take a car journey often for several hours to get to the remote destination they need to get to. For these guys speed is the name of the game’. By utilising a private jet it is perfectly possible to visit several countries in one day and continue business on board. The wheels of industry do not need to stop turning just because you are in the air

With the vast range of very light and mid size jets on the market now, it really is a cost effective use of charter. Many of the latest generation of jets have sat com, wifi and all modern facilities available on board. Many of the larger long range and heavy jet aircraft have comfortable board rooms available and for international destinations some even have bedrooms.

To conclude, private aircraft travel has a very important role to play in the time conscious world that is oil and gas. Often a cost effective and flexible alternative solution when there really is no other convenient way to get to where you need to be.