Yes its that time of the year, and the heat is on in Dubai.  Mr C who has been working out of the Dubai office for the past few weeks bailed and got out of the kitchen. Well I could hardly blame him, it was 43 degrees and unbelievable humidity.  The only plus point is that he came back 3 kgs lighter! I’ve been out there in July before now and believe me, you can understand why anyone who has any sense and the money to do so, gets out of the country and charters a private jet bound for the playgrounds and delights of the Mediterranean to while away the summer.  Nice, Palma, Malaga, Olbia, still top destinations as always, and a plentiful clutter of Challenger, Legacy, Gulfstream and numerous mid and light jets to hop you around to your hearts delight.

Olga just came back from a week in Cyprus, where she found that even at 34 degrees the heat meant that sipping a Pina Colada by the pool was invariably a better option that trogging around Limassol rubbing shoulders with all the Russians.  So if you agree with Olga and you want to charter a jet out of Cyprus to lounge by a pool somewhere a little cooler, don’t forget to give her a call.

Meanwhile with Mr C back in cooler climes, we met up with some French friends in (unsurprisingly) France!  A weekend in Cabourg to be precise.  A quaint little seaside town with the most amazing shop for ‘Produits Regionaux’ (yes, my French is improving).  Oh the aroma in La Cave is something to be savoured.  The widest range of fromages and saussisons I have ever encountered, I was in heaven.  Have you ever tried sliced sausage with Roquefort or Camembert? Well you should, especially washed down with a glass of vins fins.  I even persuaded Mr C to hire a bicycle and wheelie along the breathtaking parade.  Don’t you just love the stripey parasols?  So stylish.  We took a lazy drive back through Honfleur on Sunday, I had forgotten how delightful it is. (I feel another weekend coming on) 🙂