When it comes to booking a private jet for your travelling needs there are many factors to consider. To make it a quick and easy process follow our step by step Q&A’s:

Where can i travel to by private jet?
Anywhere in the world. We can source the closest airport to where you need to be. We can even fly you to remote locations with no run way, if you are travelling by helicopter.

Which jet do i need?
We can provide anything from small business jets and VIP airliners, to cargo planes and air ambulance.

Our team of consultants can tailor your requirements to give you the perfect jet.

Alternatively you can use our online brochure, or, ‘aircraft selector’ page to find out more information.

Call us 24/7 on 0044 (0)20 8897 8979 or email us at sales@privatejetcharter.com

Can I get a helicopter to take me to a remote location?

Yes, you can with Private Jet Charter. We can organise a private helicopter charter service to take you to any location that does not have a runway or helipad.

Which dates and times can i fly? How long before departure do i need to be there?

Book a date and time that suits you.

No time to wait, arrive only 15 minutes before departure.

Its an EMERGENCY! How soon can i fly?
We can get you a jet ready to go within 2 hours of confirmation.

Privatejetcharter also supplies emergency medical aircraft, call for details.

Can i get a Air Ambulance or Emergency medical Helicopter?
Yes you can. We can supply Air ambulance, or, a remote location medical helicopter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go to our contact page for telephone and email information.

How many people can i get on a Private Jet?
You can get anything between 1 to 200 people on a private jet.

Every jet has a different capacity and journey length it is capable of, if you speak to one of Private Jet Charter’s representatives, we’ll be able to tailor the perfect jet for you.

How much luggage can i take on a private jet?
From carry on to heavy freight, we cater for all. All our jets have different capacities for luggage so feel free to speak to one of our representatives to find out more.

We also specialise in cargo transportation, so if you require to move something much larger (including Freight) we can organise the perfect jet for you.

What catering can i have on a jet?
From crisps to caviar, the sky’s the limit.

All our flights can include catering. Whether it’s panninis and crisps or lobster, caviar and bottles of Cristal champagne, privatejetcharter.co.uk caters for all.

“I want something extremely specific”

We can arrange absolutely anything for your trip, 0044 (0)20 8897 8979 and find out more.

I need a jet with a board room, which do i need?
A Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is a luxury VIP Aircraft with conference room, bedroom’s, shower facilities, tv’s, cinema and full catering facilities for a large amount of passengers.

Is there any way I can reduce the cost of getting a private jet?

Yes, if you can be flexible with your trip, we would recommend our empty leg flight services. An empty leg flight is when a jet arrives with passengers at a destination and returns to its origin ’empty’, or when it flies ’empty’ to pick up passengers at another destination.

For more info contact us now.

Can i take pets on a private jet?
Yes you can.

Providing they have been micro-chipped, have their pet passports and the correct inoculations your furry companions can join you where ever you go in the world.

“what about exotic pets?”

Yes, exotic pets can travel too providing they have their necessary inoculations and pet passport documents.

See the official government website for more pet travelling details.

Can i get to multiple meetings in one day?
Yes you can.

Using our jets you can be in London for the morning, Paris for lunch and Munich for drinks by evening.

Will my jet wait if my show/meeting over runs?
Yes, the jet will wait. We understand that business trips and events can over run quite easily. With privatejetcharter.co.uk your jet will wait for you.

Can i hire a jet on behalf of someone else?
Yes you can, a lot of our clients make bookings on behalf of others, its simple and easy to do.

Are jets wheelchair accessible?
Yes they are, Private Jets are fully wheelchair accessible. Let Private Jet Charter know that your jet requires access for wheelchairs and we’ll make sure it’s ready and waiting for you.

Can i take weapons and compressed gas on a jet?
Yes you can, you must make privatejetcharter.co.uk aware of any guns, ammo and compressed gas you are planning to take, as additional permits/papers and customs notifications are required.

How do i pay?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as wire transfers. Privatejetcharter.co.uk has many international accounts, making it possible to pay in your local currency.

What are Diamond Rewards?
For every mile you fly, your points multiply

Enjoy more of the incredible Privatejetcharter.co.uk experience with our unparalleled rewards programs.

With something for everyone, you can redeem your points for incredible rewards from the finest names in travel, shopping, cuisine and entertainment.

See Diamond Rewards Scheme

Anything else you wanted to ask us? Call us now on  0044 (0)20 8897 8979 or email us at sales@privatejetcharter.com