In the City tonight…(it’s an old Billy Idol classic), and it could have been written for Fort Lauderdale.

It truly is one of those places where its not just hot for business, its got the whole vibe going on. Wonderful beaches,  stunning cars, great restaurants and entertainment on tap.

Last night we hooked up with John and Julie again, starting off at one of my faves, Casablanca Cafe for a few cocktails, the Casablanca Cafe onLauderdale Beach plays great live music and has ambience in shedloads.


Just for the fun of it, we decided to take a couple of rickshaw bikes to our eating venue for the evening, at the B Ocean Hotel, the SAIA award winning Suchi and Southeast Asian restaurant.

Not really my favourite type of food, but Mr Wieber thinks I am a pussy because I don’t like raw fish, and as its one of his favourites, I thought I’d bite the bullet, (or in this case the raw tuna,) and give it a go.

Beautifully presented and if you are a Suchi lover, I’m sure it’s world class.

But, sorry to say John, my favourite part of the meal was the huge chocolate covered strawberries that arrived for dessert!

Yummy 🙂