You hear it all the time here in Fort Lauderdale, and its fair to say that its difficult not to have a nice day. Yesterday was a busy one in the office. I don’t think I’ve showed you a picture of our building yet, so here you are. We are in the Bank of America building on the 14th floor. Our corner vantage point affords us fantastic and far reaching views to the sea and you can see the boys apartment block just a stones throw across the road.

Mr C started his day with a breakfast of Buttermilk Pancakes at the Riverside Hotel and they duly arrived looking like a family sized sponge cake with berries on the top and a large jug of maple syrup on the side. ‘Don’t worry’ he assured me knowingly, tipping lashings of maple syrup on said pancakes, ‘I have read that eating red berry fruits will counteract the amount of calories you consume’. Go on, pull the other one!

We had a meeting at lunchtime at the Lauderdale Yacht Club. Unfortunately our taxi, (no scratch that) cab driver (see how American I am becoming), dropped us at the Greater Lauderdale Beach and Yacht Club, which was in entirely a different location altogether! So another cab ride later we arrived for our meeting a little hot and bothered, and we made an effort to order the smallest lunch on the menu. Not easy as even the appetisers are huge! Thank you to Larry and Lea for their hospitality. We took a stroll along the pier to walk off the lunch and headed back to the office.

Back at the hotel, we realised that we had a rare evening to ourselves, so we G&T’d by the pool bar, and sometime later took a cab to PF Chang, a Chinese restaurant on Sunrise Blvd where we shared their specialty spicy chicken in a lettuce leaf wrap. Do you know what my fortune cookie said when I broke it open? Relax and enjoy yourself… and believe me, I am 🙂