Have a nice day! You hear it all the time here and to be honest it would be very difficult not to have a nice day in Fort Lauderdale.  And believe me the past few days have flown by in a whirl of great restaurants, good company and a lot of fun…and this is supposed to be work!

So where to begin.  An evening out with new found friends at Trulucks Seafood Crab and Steakhouse would be a good starting point – if you are ever in town it is a ‘must do’.  They claim to be ‘a gateway to the senses’ and it was rather special.  The freshest crab direct from their own fisheries, followed by Miso glazed Sea Bass was absolutely delicious. Our dining partners pronounced the surf and turf to be the best ever.

But wait for it….the best was yet to come…oh yes bring it on, the dessert tray presented by our lovely waitress, had us all drooling.  Yes, it actually is a bag made of chocolate and filled with creamy cakey yumminess.  How do I know?  Well you couldn’t not do it could you?

On Saturday Mr C suggested taking a trip to Miami South Beach.  I don’t quite know how our lovely driver Fernando misunderstood us, (might have something to do with the fact that he only spoke Spanish) but we actually ended up in West Palm Beach, around an hour away from our intended destination!  So we did a whistle stop tour of all the stunning properties in WPB (note to Mr C, “I like it here” be very afraid) before turning tail and heading South.

The main shopping street is called Lincoln Road Mall, its pedestrianized and a bit like Las Ramblas in Barcelona, (if you’ve ever been there you will know what I mean), busy, buzzy and brimming with people and music, all types of restaurants set up with colourful tables, all vying to catch your attention.  Mine was caught by Tiramesu, a colourful Italian restaurant with bright blue parasols and sunflowers on the table, established on Lincoln Rd since 1988. The food was authentic Italian and delicious.  OK I will share with you www.tiramesu.com  Buon Appetito!

After lunch was even more fun, we hit the shops.  It’s official.  They have the blingiest boutiques ever and shoe shops, so many shoe shops.  I was in shopping heaven and my credit card melted, but it was so worth it 🙂

And then Mr C found something even more expensive to spend his money on…the very beautiful Bugatti Veyron!! Thats him just getting out of it.

No I’m only kidding with you, I am reliably informed that it belongs to one Florida born super cool dude (not of course that Mr C isn’t a super cool dude) it’s none other than rapper Tramar Dillard probably best known to you by his stage name Flo Rida!

On Sunday, (just to try to outdo the fun we had on Saturday), we went Big Game Fishing.

This was on the recommendation of ‘the mighty’ Daniel Hurley who had gone big game fishing a month or so before and caught a huge 60lb Amberjack!  There he is on the right with his monster fish.

So we chartered a fishing boat for 4hrs.  The sea looked a bit choppy to me, not that I’m a coward or anything, but my sea legs are not good.  I expressed my concern to Captain Rod and he said ‘don’t stress, if you look too green we will just throw you overboard and use you as Sharkbait!  Thanks, I feel a lot better now.

It was an enormous amount of fun and bonus, I wasn’t sea sick.  The sun shone, and though we tried very hard, we had little success with actually catching anything other than tiddlers, but we had a good time thanks Captain, it was a lot of fun. If you fancy a go give the guys at Fishing Headquarters a call.


And here is me with ‘the catch of the day’.