Lucky lucky me, I had a full day of client visits in London, oh soooo good to be out of the office and out and about in the glorious sunshine.  The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane to visit a music industry agent.  Now if you’ve never been to Brick Lane, may I make a suggestion….go there!

Once associated with poor slums and Jack the Ripper, the area is now extremely popular with Londons edgy and artistic crowd, with galleries, markets and festivals throughout the year.   It’s the bustling hub of Londons Bangladeshi community and there is an abundance of authentic Indian restaurants (shame I was there at 10 in the morning, just a bit too early for a curry).  Every Sunday at the Truman Brewery market, up and coming designers set up shop selling a unique variety of vintage clothes, jewellery and handbags, and if you get thirsty, head to Vibe Bars beer garden or try 93 Feet East for an eclectic mix of live music. Wish I could have stayed longer.

Then into central London to visit some of my favourite PA clients and a few of my favourite hotels (of which there are many) and my favourite concierges (of which there are many).

The Dorchester looked amazing with a stunning topiary display and an abundance of flowers spilling over in mauve and soft primrose, and a beautiful waterfall affair going on at its entrance.

As it was lunchtime, I was drawn towards a tall Gin & Tonic and a sit down in their Promenade Bar (very lovely), then suitably refreshed I called in just opposite at 45 Park Lane, ‘where art meets contemporary style’ a complete contrast in simple modernity (sorry 45 it’s the Dorchester all the way for me).

So the fun didn’t end there, my very good friend and colleague David Doughty and I headed for the Hilton Kensington for a special event for the ‘creme de la creme’ of concierges.

Laid on by the Golden Keys Association.  A huge well done to Natalie Fry for co-ordinating a really fun and enjoyable evening, it was well attended and a great opportunity for us all to get together and do some business.

We had a super evening, we met a lot of really dedicated and fantastically awesome concierges (guys you are amazing) I can’t believe they have made you all sign an agreement to say you won’t go on holiday this summer….Yes the Olymics hits town.

I was even more impressed when I ran into…no less than my hero from the Bridget Jones movies (swoon) Colin Firth. Yes thats me with Colin arm in arm and yes he really is that tall (it’s not just me being short!) Oh OK you guessed, he’s a waxwork from Madame Taussauds, but he was still dead impressive even in wax.  Colin, if you are reading this…I’m available for a real rendezvous and I’m nowhere as big as Bridget and neither are my pants!!