I guess you have been wondering what Olga and I have been doing since we arrived in Moscow?  Answer…we haven’t stopped!  Got back to the hotel after half a dozen client meetings and let me tell you thats all you can physically manage in a day…have any of you out there experienced the gridlock of Moscow traffic.  It is a nightmare.  They don’t paint ‘no go yellow grid boxes’ on the road, so everyone stops where they know they shouldn’t, no one can move or do anything other than blast their horns very loud!

I was relieved when we finally got to the hotel and I was welcomed back by my new best friend Dimitri. Thats me and him in the pic.  He is very tall and is willing to share his hat and cape.  I mean, how can a girl turn him down?  In the end I decided to be sensible and chose the Chilli cocktail in the Sky Bar to warm up!

And then I found the best bar in town!

It’s always a hallelujah moment when you find it and in this case it is La Cantina just a stones throw from the hotel.

Olga and I had decided to find a restaurant not too far away and I was immediately distracted by the fabulous live music filtering out into the street.

The band were a superb mix, and when we walked in on ‘Marvin Gayes What’s Goin On’ for me, that was it, I was there for the evening.

The ambience was great and I loved all the bunting and flags, the Margaritas were delicious, as was the Tequila Shot Cowboy girl.  Sorry boys, I didn’t get a pic of her

And so for today, after another exhausting round of meetings, Olga and I plumped for the ballet.  Well, I guess even if you are not a big ballet fan, you can appreciate being at the Kremlin to watch a really rather superb performance.  I love the West End theatre, but it’s years since I went to a ballet, so I really wasn’t expecting this quite magical performance.

It was a traditional Russian xmas story.  Olga told it to me.  Father Xmas’s daughter falls in love, but her love for the beautiful boy in very sexy red tights ends in disaster, when she melts! (turns out she was made of snow).  OK  so it’s all a bit of nonsense as far as the story line goes, but all those gorgeous guys in gossamer tights….I really think I am beginning to get the appeal of the ballet 🙂  And then we braved the icy cold air and took a stroll around Red Square by night.

The pics don’t do it justice.

The beautiful building covered in lights is actually a huge department store (think Harrods) for all the most exclusive designer brands.  Don’t even think about going in there if you are the kind of person that checks the labels to see how much!  You can’t afford it!

And then there is me, looking like a strange but cute cuddly chipmunk (well that’s how Olga described me anyway) in my new furry hat with those furry little flaps that keep your ears warm (believe you me, at -6 you need a hat like this), standing in front of that most whimsical building St Basil Cathedral, one of the most emblematic monuments in the City.  Can you believe it was constructed between 1555-1561.  By day its beautiful, but by night it’s quite magical.

Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂