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Sardinia Private Jet Flights

Sardinia Private Jet Flights

Private Jet Charter specializes in private jet flights to and from Sardinia, Italy.

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It is popular with luxury travelers seeking sunshine, yachting, and natural beauty.
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Airports in Sardinia, Italy

There are 3 international airports in Sardinia:

  • Cagliari Elmas Airport – is located 7 km from Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.
  • Alghero Airport – is located 8 km northwest of the city of Alghero, in northern Sardinia. Also known as Alghero – Riviera del Corallo Airport.
  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport – is located just 6 km southeast of the center of Olbia.

We can arrange your flight to any airport on demand.


Olbia is a coastal city in the northeast of Sardinia. It is close to Porto Cervo, known as the “Italian Saint-Tropez” – home of luxury yachts and the famous Emerald Coast. Olbia is a popular private jet destination for luxury tourism.


Caligari is the capital of Sardinia located in the southern part of the island.
Every year thousands of leisure and business travelers use Private Jet Charter to travel to Cagliari in comfort and luxury.


Alghero is a town in the northwest of Sardinia. Hiring a private jet provides swift and seamless access to this cosmopolitan city on demand.
We can arrange your flight to any airport on demand.

Popular Aircraft Options Sardinia

We offer access to over 10,000 private jets that cater to all your needs.

The best aircraft to fly into Sardinia will depend on the length of your flight and the number of people traveling with you.

A selection of private jets of various sizes available for Sardinia:

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet to Sardinia?

The cost to fly to Sardinia on a private jet can vary depending on several factors including:

  • The distance traveled
  • The size and type of aircraft
  • The chosen airport(s)



Empty Leg Flights Sardinia

For the ultimate private jet savings, we can offer a discount of up to 75% for our one-way private jet flights.

Enter a few details below to receive an instant quote for an empty leg flight to or from Sardinia.


Sardinia Overview

Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located to the west of mainland Italy. With its pristine waters and sun-kissed sands, the island is a paradise on earth.

Sardinia facts

Population: 1.64 million
Area: 24,090 km²
Currency: Euro

What to Do in Sardinia?

If you’re looking for a tranquil Italian break, Sardinia is the perfect destination.

Cagliari, Olbia, and Alghero are the most popular locations on the island with luxury travelers.

From magnificent landscapes, architecture, fabulous seafood, and seductive beaches – there is plenty to do in Sardinia.

Popular attractions include:

  • The Costa Smeralda coast (Emerald Coast)
  • The Roman and Carthaginian ruins of Nora
  • Museo Archeologico
  • Torre dell’ Elefante

Where to Stay in Sardinia?

Some of the top luxury hotels in Sardinia, Italy include:

Capo d’Orso
Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & SPA
Hotel Il Castello
La Locanda
Maison et Charme Hotel
Hotel Panorama


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