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Private Jet to Giza

Private Jet to Giza

Taking a break abroad is a great opportunity to occupy your time doing something you love. It can be sightseeing, exercising, relaxing, hunting, fishing, or for some, it can also be working. What is not always easy to find is a great destination to do whatever it is you enjoy doing on your holiday and that’s why we, at Private Jet Charter, have done some research for you. Read through and enjoy our very first recommended destination: Giza!

Where is Giza, Egypt?

Giza is the third biggest town of Egypt. It is located just south of Cairo. You probably have heard of the location for its famous archaeological sites such as the great pyramid or the Sphinx but sometimes, it might be a little confusing when you’re trying to find the town on a map.

What to do in Giza, Egypt?

Giza is a great destination for everyone who loves archaeology, hot weather (temperatures sometimes rise above 40°C) and culture. The place is a very famous spot for tourism and offers great tours of both the town and the archaeological sites around the town. It is even possible to visit sites located further away while staying at a single five star hotel in Giza. Taxis are available as well as buses and other means of transportation to reach the pyramids (Camel rides and horse riding tours are available). Of course, as it is a very famous location, you can expect to see a lot of tourists around the main site. We recommend looking for the alternate, less visited locations of the site such as the many Queens’ and Nobles’ tombs or the “solar boat” museum which you can explore from the inside.

If you enjoy relaxation you will probably interested in cruises available on the Nile River that flows just east of Giza. Cruises come in a lot of different options and packages depending on how long you want it to last and the destinations you would like to visit (if any). If you have never slept on a boat before, the Nile is the perfect location for a first time as the waters on the river are very calm and won’t give you a hard time when you try to fall asleep.

Where to stay in Giza, Egypt?

Located near the Egyptian Museum and the Giza Zoo, the Four Seasons Hotel is a perfect location to stay while you’re in Giza. Rated 5 stars the hotel features a spa, an outdoor pool, a health club, wireless and wired high speed internet, a 24 hour business centre, board rooms and transfer services. You can choose from its 4 restaurants or just order from the poolside bar or the indoor lounge. Children will be able to enjoy the safety of the children’s pool and adults will happily gamble in the hotel Casino. Bedroom services include everything from the minibar to the turndown service.

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Giza is easily accessible as it is located less than 20 kilometres away from Cairo international airport. Until recently it even had its own local airport but it has been closed to make room for a cultural and athletic area.

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