Oh yes it’s me, I’m the birthday girl, and it happened quite by default really.  Mr C was going to be in Dublin on business, and it just happened to be my birthday. So as luck would have it….albeit a few frantic phone calls to clients in Dublin on my part, (never underestimate the sneakiness) I just happened to have to go there too.  What a co-incidence!  Mr C was at an advantage as he arrived a few days before me and to be fair to him, he had found the finest Cafe Bar in the whole of Dublin by the time I arrived, which will always now remain a firm favourite of mine.  You have to see Cafe en Seine.  On Dawson Street in the heart of Georgian Dublin.  Opuent decor and palatial Art Deco, think massive glass lanterns, a profusion of massive statues, amazing over the top mirrors and couple it up with a vibrant atmosphere and you’ve got a winner.  Place of the beautiful people for sure…..what do you mean? Of course I am still one of them 🙂


What you might not know is that I really do have Irish ancestry, I’m originally a Moran!! Good old Irish name, and to be honest I felt really at home here.  Doesn’t everyone want to be accosted by a giant Leprechaun??.

We did the open top bus tour which was great, except it was f f f freezing, but still a lot of fun.  Mr C had already done the Guinness factory and the Jamesons Distillery, so I think he was still warmed by the spirit.  Anyway, we thawed out in a lovely recommended restaurant in Merrion Row, called (surprisingly enough) Hugos.  It was great, thank you Hugo for your hospitality and great food.  We will be back.


What you learn about Dublin is that every other stop a lively restaurant or bar with good old Irish hospitality (that means a lot of Guinness and yes thats me the Guinness virgin on the left there, no more!) and the most infectious live music in just about every bar, that your feet can’t even keep still if you tried.  Saturday night just to make you jealous, dinner at Marco Pierre Whites (I know, amazing that he has one right here in Dublin) and then we rocked on down to Temple Bar area to a fabulous traditional bar called Oliver St. John Gogartys, or just Gogartys if you are a local.  Mr C had a struggle on his hands to get me out.  It was just like a scene out of ‘PS I Love You’ you know the bit where he is singing the ‘ee I ee I aay’ song and is looking her straight in the eye.  Well all I can say is don’t let me stay too long, or its a given I will run off with a man called Rory or Dermott just to listen to the lilt of his voice and drift off into Irish heaven.

A fabulous birthday thank you Mr C, it’s going to be hard to top this one Xxx