Well he kept it really quiet but yesterday was our very own Dan Hurley’s birthday.  We had a lunch at YOLO (Thats short for You Only Live Once) restaurant to celebrate, thats our dream team in the picture with Dan in the middle, a slightly jet lagged Derek to the left and Josh to the right.

After lunch the boys and I headed down to the Bahia Mar to pick up our passes for the boat show and to find out where our exhibition stand is located.  Took us a little while, this show is massive.  So you will find us in the Builders and Designers tent under the US Superyacht Association banner, Stand 681.  If you are going to be at the show, do come by and say hello.


Later the birthday boy continued to celebrate by a fine dining experience with friends at one of his favourite eateries….Hooters!  I can’t imagine why!!

Mr C and I went along and it was a lot of fun as you can see, and I made two new best friends in Ryan and Francesca (great to meet you guys).

We left the birthday boy, who was heading on to yet another bar.  We did the sensible thing and took a rickshaw back to our hotel (as you do)!