So back to sunny Florida to spend the rest of August in our Fort Lauderdale office…and why not? The sun is shining and as we travelled on a Friday we had the whole of the weekend to enjoy ourselves…and enjoy ourselves we did.  We packed a lot in really.  Mr C was insistent that we only take hand baggage as Miami Airport is such a nightmare to get through (hand baggage for 2 weeks! Is he crazy?).  Another reason to take a private jet then! So my suitcase consisted of….well just shoes of course!  So Saturday morning meant hitting Macy’s on Sunrise Blvd really hard (credit card meltdown)!


Casablanca Cafe was high on my list of priorities for Saturday lunchtime, a laid back piano bar, perfect for cocktails and overlooking the ocean, Mr C didn’t take much persuading (anything to get me out of Macy’s).  They have a great menu and its a really buzzy place, often with live jazz in the evenings.  Comes high on my recommended list.

Saturday afternoon was lazy back at the Riverside Hotel and oh yes, Saturday night we spent listening to Wesley Phillips, yes lovely Wesley my favourite singer and trumpeter, sings every Saturday night on the Riverside Terrace.  This man is amazing it has to be said and it wasn’t long before I was up and dancing. You can’t keep a good girl down!

Sunday we hired a boat from Aquatic Adventures and messed around on the water, that’s me, Mr C and…is that you Mark? What are you doing here?? It’s a great way to see Fort Lauderdale, tootling around the Intercoastal waterways and taking in some of the most amazing waterside properties.  We headed down river past our hotel and into buzzy Downdown, then turned tail and headed back up past 15th Street Fisheries which is a great waterside restaurant, but we’ve been there before, so we decided for our lunchtime venue to head to Southport Raw Bar I heard they have amazing oysters and shellfish and fish and chips, not to mention giant pitchers of Sangria. Oh there’s a surprise!!

















So it’s all good and this week we take possession of our own condo on the riverside, how exciting… this space 🙂