Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo (the 5th May), and thats a national Mexican holiday here in Florida. And guess what that means…Tequila and tacos in the office kitchen can you believe it. I’m not joking, there was a magnum of Tequila on the table and its help yourself. And I am told that Friday is Bagel day, with every conceivable type on offer, is there no end!!!

Mr C and I were VIP guests at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance annual lunch and we were welcomed in real style. Thank you Robin and lovely Ray. It seems everyone knows someone who needs a private jet now and again and are happy to recommend and promote our service. I do believe business here will go from good to even better.

Last night in the hotel bar, I made two new best friends. Hi Uri and Joey. What lovely guys. I always find that the best business is made in the bar (well thats my excuse anyway). And finished the evening at Grill 66 with the guys, sitting on the boardwalk talking till lateinto the night with a good bottle of chilled white. What a life 🙂