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    Hawker 400XP

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    The Hawker 400XP is a small twin engine jet corporate aircraft that was initially designed by Mitsubishi. The Hawker 400 XP was further developed and updated by Beech Aircraft as part of Hawker Beechcraft.

    It is a small low winged twin turbofan aircraft of all metal construction with two flight crew and accommodating up to 8 passengers. Its wings use a computer designed supercritical airfoil in order to minimize drag. There are two Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofans mounted on the rear of the fuselage.

    The Hawker has been a competitive option as it is ideal for short trips and strikes a balance between comfort, performance and operating costs. Clients who fly on the 400XP consistently comment of the spaciousness of the cabin. The attention to detail with every feature is apparent. The cabin has a flat floor and is an oval shape, maximizing the amount of useable space. Its internal and external baggage space totals fifty-three cubic feet. This is a truly classy small jet.

    Hawker 400XP Specifications

    390 kts
    Cruise Speed
    1400 nm
    Max Range
    Max Capacity
    H: 4ft 7
    Max Height

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