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    Airbus 319

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    The Airbus Corporate Jet family is the most modern and comprehensive corporate jet family in the world. Offering the ultimate mix of comfort and size you need, the main Airbus Corporate Jet seen in the Middle East is the ACJ319.

    The Airbus Corporate Jet elegance provides unmatched comfort, space and style. Customers can quickly and easily configure the jet to suit specific individual requirements. The Airbus Corporate Jet is one of the most popular members of the VIP Airliners and features cabins that are approximately twice as wide and also higher than traditional high-end business jets without being much larger externally. Our clients enjoy unmatched comfort, space and freedom of movement, allowing them to literally transfer their normal life into the skies. Typically this jet will have a configuration ranging from 19 to 50 plus passengers and is tailored to be as simple or as elegant as you wish. It is ideal for carrying groups of employees, royal families and government delegations. It is the presidential aircraft of countries like Armenia, Brazil, Italy, Venezuela, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia.

    The Airbus 319 is based on the successful A320 family of aircraft and incorporates removable extra fuel tanks which are stored in the cargo compartment. The Airbus Corporate Jet has the range to fly intercontinental distances as well as non-stop within continents, the maximum being 11,100km depending on the number of passengers. The maximum cruising altitude is 41,000ft. They are developed from airliners designed to fly many times a day in demanding commercial service, they feature robust airframes that achieve an excellent reliability rate of 99.9%.

    So whether your need is to carry extended family or a large government delegation, Airbus VIP widebodies are well suited to the task, offering unmatched space for whatever home and office comfort the client wishes to take into the air.

    Airbus 319 Specifications

    1830 nm
    Max Range
    Max Capacity
    636 cu ft.
    Max Baggage

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