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Private Jet Charter & the Environment

Global travel is a necessary part of many of our lives. We recognize, however, that aviation contributes to CO2 emissions. Private Jet Charter is offering the "Carbon Passport Exchange" to offset your flight's carbon emissions.

You may purchase financial credits that correspond to the carbon produced during your flight, which are used to reduce an equal amount of carbon emissions in other venues, for example wind farms, electricity generation from landfill gas, and other energy efficient projects. The "Carbon Passport Exchange" allows you to sit back and relax; comfortable that your flight has become carbon-neutral and that you have made the environment is a little healthier.

Flying carbon-neutral

We all want to help keep our environment clean and safe. To help do our part, we encourage our clients to offset carbon emissions when flying with us through the Carbon Passport Plan.

Simply purchase credits, called Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) that equal the carbon produced. The credits are used to fund reduction of an equal amount of carbon emissions through alternative projects. The result: your flight can effectively be carbon-neutral.

CERs are government approved and only issued to ventures accepted by the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Treaty. They undergo rigorous qualification procedures and continuing monitoring.