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Terms and Conditions

  1. The PA Diamond Reward Scheme is open to any PA, Executive Secretary or Executive Travel Booker, who makes any booking with the UK offices of Private Jet Charter plc for any aircraft or helicopter, ad-hoc passenger charter flight.

  2. To begin collecting Diamond Reward points you must be registered on the PJC plc Diamond Rewards scheme.

  3. Diamond Reward points will only be awarded for any flight once the transaction is fully completed and has been paid for in full.

  4. Diamond Reward points may be exchanged for gifts immediately, or accumulated so that the booker may receive a gift of greater value once sufficient reward points have been earned.

  5. Diamond Reward points can be redeemed at any time, but will expire within six months of being added to your account.

  6. Diamond Reward points will be awarded on the basis of 1 Diamond Reward for every 1000 spent.

  7. Diamond Reward points will be available when the total number of points is greater than the values of 10, 25, 50, and 100 points.

  8. All Diamond Reward gifts are subject to availability. Certain gifts may be available only during the time periods specified. Certain restrictions may apply to specific gifts. Co-operation partners offering specific Diamond reward gifts may be subject to change.

  9. Certain Diamond Reward gifts have limited availability and PJC have the right to substitute for reward of similar type.

  10. Diamond Reward gifts are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable, redeemable or transferable for cash or credit.

  11. On redemption of the Diamond reward points, the booker releases PJC, subsidiary companies and affiliates from any and all liability regarding the redemption or use of points or gifts.

  12. Loyalty gifts must be redeemed in accordance with the literature. PJC and participating merchants are not responsible for replacing lost, stolen, mutilated or damaged certificates, vouchers or tickets.

  13. PJC reserves the right at any time to modify or change any of the Diamond Reward gifts should it become necessary to do so.

  14. All Diamond Reward gifts, certificates, vouchers or tickets are valid at participating merchants only, until the expiration date as shown.

  15. Fulfillment of the certificates, vouchers or tickets is the sole responsibility of the applicable participating merchant and use of any such certificate, voucher or ticket is subject to any additional restrictions stated therein.

  16. Diamond Reward points accrued in the scheme are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity and cannot be transferred to any other accounts or scheme.

  17. Diamond Reward gifts of a smaller value than the total number of points may be awarded and the remaining points will maintain valid.

  18. Diamond Reward gifts may not be claimed by any third party.

  19. PJC is not responsible for products and services from third party suppliers. These are, offered according to the particular supplier's own terms and conditions.

  20. Once PJC Diamond Reward gifts are claimed by the booker, PJC holds no responsibility for Health and Safety, operational or any other issues arising as a result of the gift.

  21. PJC can withdraw or cancel the scheme, but will always give notice of any such changes, and will honor any points accumulated.

  22. PJC may change the terms and conditions of the scheme. A copy of these will be available to view on our website.

  23. PJC shall be entitled to terminate any booker’s membership of the Diamond rewards scheme and forfeit the points accrued, if that booker at any time abuses the scheme.

  24. Private Jet Charter plc Diamond Rewards scheme is open to residents of the UK and Ireland only.

  25. PJC’ failure to enforce any particular term or condition does not constitute a waiver of that term or condition.

  26. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the scheme or the eligibility of points or conversion of points shall be resolved by PJC in the exercise of its absolute discretion.