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Refer a friend to Private Jet Charter and receive fantastic gift cards worth £200

Refer a Friend to Private Jet Charter

Here at Private Jet Charter we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service, and if you feel the service you receive is exceptional it’s about to get better!

How it works & what gifts you'll receive

Simply refer a friend or colleague to use us for private travel and you will receive a £200 / $300 or €260 gift card when they make their first booking. But wait it gets better than that!

What makes doing this even better!

There is no limit for the amount of people you can refer and the amount of gift cards you receive - for example, if you refer 10 people and all of them book an aircraft with us, you will be entitled to “10 x £200 / $300 or €260” Gift Cards to spend in shops of your choice. The Gift Card is not limited to a specific shop, you can decide which shop you’d like your £200 gift card for. Such as Amazon, Topshop, Pandora, Armani, iTunes or even use that money towards a Spa Day or get away.

So what are you waiting for? Tell a friend about Private Jet Charter and think about what you’ll be treating yourself too with your fantastic Gift Cards.

Private Jet Charter Gift Cards

What your friends need to do

Your friends will need to contact us by phone or email, and make sure they give us 'your' details too when booking their flight, including your name, telephone number and email address. Once your friend has booked their flight, you will receive a phone call informing you that you are about to receive a £200 / $300 or €260 gift card!


This offer only applies to the first booking that the recommended client makes. No further gift cards shall be issued for any future bookings that this client makes thereafter. It is possible to refer an unlimited amount of people to Private Jet Charter and providing they follow the rules of the "Refer a Friend" program by issuing your details when making their first enquiry, you will receive the £200 / $300 / €260 (or equivalent in your preferred currency) Gift Card only once the client has confirmed their booking and the payment has cleared for their flight in our account.