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What’s Trending? The Isle of Capri

Published July 18th, 2011 | Author:

Isle of CapriCapri was the favorite island retreat of the Roman Emperor Tiberius and this year it seems that it is the place to be seen!  We’ve flown in Hollywood A-listers, Royalty and renowned musicians – all gracing the shores and bars of this Italian haven.  It is easy to see why – this island is an elegant jewel in the most beautiful turquoise sea.

Tiberius’ Villa Jovis still stands proud at the summit of one of the island’s most picturesque uphill walks to the cliff tops.  From the Villa there are breathtaking views of the whole of the Bay of Naples, the islands of Ischia and Procida, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Bay of Salerno.

piazzetta-di-capri-campania Isle of CapriIf you are not so taken with history and nature and people watching or shopping is more your thing the Isle of Capri boasts what is monkered the most fashionable square in the world : Piazza Umberto I, better known as the Piazzetta, is a surprisingly small square enclosed within ancient edifices and dominated by the profile of the island’s Monte Solaro.

In the past, the Piazzetta was home to a lively fish and fruit market – that was until 1938 when the young islander, Raffaele Vuotto, opened a bar here and arranged a few small tables and chairs outside, where customers could relax over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. A number of his fellow citizens soon followed suit, and from that moment on, the Piazzetta became the heart of Capri’s social life, so much so that, in no time at all, the square earned itself the label of “salotto del mondo” (the world’s sitting room).

With a whole host of 5 star hotels and exclusive villas the Isle of Capri really comes recommended!

If you haven’t planned your summer vacations this year you may want to join this exclusive crowd.

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