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Charter a Sikorsky 76 Helicopter

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of Sikorsky 76


Sikorsky 76 - Charter info

The Sikorsky 76 or S76 is a very famous twin engine helicopter. When you think about helicopters, the shape that generally comes to mind is the S76 with its 4 bladed rotors, sleek body and pointy nose. The S76 has several versions, the latest being the S76D and the most common being the S76C++. At Private Jet Charter, we love all types of aircraft and the Sikorsky S76 is definitely one of our favourites. This is why we would like to share our passion for it with you today.


Facts about the Sikorsky 76 Private Helicopter

Aircraft Type: Helicopter

Seats: 12

Range: 404 nm (748 km)

Crew: Captain

Cabin dimensions: Length 7 ft 11 in (2.41 m), Width 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m), Height 4 ft 5 in (1.35 m)

Luggage capacity: 38 cubic feet (1.08 m³)

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Let’s start with some numbers

The Sikorsky S76 was first flown in March 1977 but the S76C++ version wasn’t release before January 2006. So far, the manufacturer, Sikorsky has made over 800 helicopters in this series! Its price is around 8 million dollars per unit which is very reasonable for a helicopter of this category.

The total length of the helicopter is 52.5 feet, its width is 44 feet (it’s actually the rotor diameter rather than the cabin width) and its height is 14.5 feet. The cabin can seat up to 13 passengers but the usual executive configuration seats 6 passengers. It is certified to fly with 1 or 2 pilots.

The empty weight of a S76C++ is 7005 pounds. It can take off as heavy as 11700 pounds when it is fully loaded. It is equipped with two Turbomeca Arriel 2S2 turbo shaft engines which are capable of 688 kW of power each.

Helicopters don’t need a runway to land, which make them more versatile than jets. The S76C++ just need a helipad or any clear patch of flat land and can fly for two and a half hours. Its maximum range is 411 nautical miles at a speed of 155 knots which is also its maximum speed.

Sikorsky 76 Aircraft Dimensions


The Sikorsky S76C++ cockpit is equipped with Honeywell four-tube EFIS and Collins Proline II avionics suite. It boasts a four-axis autopilot, a ground proximity warning system, a weather radar, an automatic direction finder and a cockpit voice recorder. Needless to say, these make it a very safe helicopter. No wonder why it is also used as an air ambulance and to fly teams to oil and gas platforms. It is also equipped with vibration dampers and it received a quieter transmission for its 2S2 engines that reduce noise levels.

Sikorsky 76 Cockpit - Private Jet Charter

One of the very interesting parts of the S76 design is its single piece aluminium hub with elastomeric bearings that make up its main rotor hub and require no lubrication at all. Maintenance of any part of an aircraft is usually very important and this hub is such a rare occurrence that we thought it was worth mentioning. The helicopter also has retractable wheels which increases its cruising speed. For missions over the water, it can also be fitted with flotation gear and helium tanks.


Travelling in a Sikorsky 76

Like many jets or helicopters, the S76’s cabin can be reconfigured to fit your needs. In its most spacious and luxurious configuration, it can seat 4 passengers. The maximum it can seat is 13 with one passenger in the co-pilot seat. Its most common configuration for business can accommodate 4 passengers at the back and 2 more at the centre facing them. The baggage compartment at the back is fairly big and can be accessed from both sides to facilitate loading.

Even though its windows are bigger than those of a private jet, they remain fairly small compared to other helicopters. It is no so good for sightseeing and this is probably why it is mostly chartered for business flights.

You can learn even more about the S76C++ and Sikorsky on their Official Page.


Sikorksy are always looking to improve their already fantasticly engineered helicopters, here's a video of the award winning Sikorsky X2 as a testiment to their ground breaking developments.

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Photo credit: Sikorsky Helicopters