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Charter a Eurocopter EC155 Helicopter

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of Eurocopter EC155


Eurocopter EC155 - Charter info

The EC155 is very versatile and comfortable private helicopter. It was based of the proven Dauphin design and has the latest technology available. At Private Jet Charter, as you can guess, we like everything that flies and helicopters are a big part of our job. That’s why we would like to share some of our passion for them with you today.


Facts about the Eurocopter EC155 Private Helicopter

Aircraft Type: Helicopter

Seats: 9

Range: 448 nm (830 km)

Crew: Captain

Cabin dimensions: Length 8 ft 3 in (2.5 m), Width 6 ft 8 in (2.07 m), Height 4 ft 4 in (1.34 m)

Luggage capacity: 88.3 cubic feet (2.5 m³)

divider Eurocopter EC155 Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

The EC155 was first released in March 1999. Its maker, Eurocopter (now called Airbus Helicopters) has delivered more than 1,000 of the Dauphin series helicopters! It only costs 10 million dollars per unit which is not that expensive for an aircraft of this type.

The length of the Helicopter is 46.9 feet, its width is 41.3 feet (it’s actually its rotor diameter) and its height is 14.25 feet. The cabin can seat up to 13 passengers (8 in VIP configuration) or 2 stretchers and 4 passengers or medical personnel. For cargo transport, passengers can be replaced by up to 5000 pounds of material. It is certified to fly with either 1 or 2 pilots.

The empty weight of an EC155 is 5772 pounds. It can take off as heavy as 10800 pounds when it is fully loaded. EC155s are equipped with two Turbomeca Arriel 2C2 turboshaft engines which are capable of 697 kW of power at take-off.

These helicopters don’t need a runway to land. They just need a helipad or any clear patch of flat land and can fly for over 3 hours. Their maximum range is 423 nautical miles (489 with auxiliary tanks installed) at a speed of 150 knots. Their maximum speed is 175 knots.

Eurocopter EC155 Aircraft Dimensions


Eurocopter has built their aircrafts with corrosion proof materials and light alloys. They also chose very silent rotors to lower the noise and the vibrations. Cockpit equipment is fully intuitive and features large LCD displays to reduce the pilots workload and improve safety.

Eurocopter EC155 Cockpit - Private Jet Charter

The EC155 is flown by either one or two pilots. The cockpit is modern with integrated features such as a 4-axis autopilot, engine multifunction display, caution advisory display and more. Engines use FADEC tehnology (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) that will automatically reconfigure the engines in case of a failure.

The EC155 rotors are designed to be damage resistant and were optimised for greater stability. They are easy to maintain, which helps drive the maintenance prices down and can be equipped with coning stops to fly in winds up to 55 knots.


Travelling in a Eurocopter EC155

The EC155 cabin can be reconfigured to fit your specific needs. The standard configuration is designed for 12 to 13 passengers while the VIP configuration will seat only 8. Noise levels are lower than other helicopters and the stability of the aircraft will allow you to work, relax, or talk without any hindrances. There is a large baggage compartment that can be accessed from both sides of the aircraft so that you don’t have to waste time loading it.

Compared to a private jet, you will have much larger windows allowing you to enjoy the view from your seat without having to lean close to the windows. High end options can be requested such as soft leather seats, electric plugs, reading lights, air conditioning or even satcom and in-flight entertainment.

Learn even more about the EC155 and Eurocopter on their Official Page.


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