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Charter a Agusta A109 Helicopter

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Agusta A109 - Charter info

The Agusta A109 is a reliable, versatile and proven private helicopter. Its development has been ongoing for years and improvements as well as new versions have been added to the original model. There are now more than 20 different versions of the A109 with the A109 power being the most popular nowadays. At Private Jet Charter, this is a helicopter that we all know and love. That’s why, today, we would like to share some of our passion for it with you.


Facts about the Agusta A109 Private Helicopter

Aircraft Type: Helicopter

Seats: 7

Range: 500 nm (926 km)

Crew: Captain

Cabin dimensions: Length 6 ft 11 in (2.10 m), Width 5 ft 3 in (1.61 m), Height 4 ft 2 in (1.28 m)

Luggage capacity: 33.55 cubic feet (0.95 m³)

divider Agusta A109 Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

The Agusta A109 was first flown in August 1971 but wasn’t made available on the market before 1976. There is no clear figure as to how many were sold in the world but we know that the manufacturer, Agusta (now called Agusta Westland) had already delivered more than 100 A109 in 2000 and has sold more than 4600 aircraft so far! It only costs 6.3 million dollars per unit which is surprisingly reasonable for a helicopter of this size.

The length of the helicopter is 37.5 feet, its width is 36 feet (we’re talking rotor diameter here rather than cabin width) and its height is 11.5 feet. The cabin can seat up to 7 passengers or 2 stretchers and 3 attendants completely separated from the cockpit. It is certified to fly with either 1 or 2 pilots.

The empty weight of an A109 power (also called AW109 power) is 3505 pounds. It can take off as heavy as 6283 pounds when it is fully loaded. Agusta 109s are usually equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206C Turbo shaft engines which are capable of 423 kW of power each. However, a variant is available with two Turbomeca Arrius 2K1 slightly more powerful at 425 kW each.

These helicopters don’t need a runway to land. They just need a helipad or any clear patch of flat land and can fly for over 3 hours. Their maximum range is 512 nautical miles on a 5 cell fuel system (they can also come with 3 or 4 cell fuel systems) at a speed of 154 knots. Their maximum speed is 168 knots.

Agusta A109 Aircraft Dimensions


Agusta Westland has built their aircrafts to make them versatile. Options can be chosen from and additional features can be added. For example, you have a choice of engines and you can enhance the avionics package. It can also be turned into an air ambulance or a search and rescue vehicle. Agusta Westland even developed a military version of the A109. Cockpit equipment is classic and easy to read with a main LCD display located on top.

Agusta A109 Cockpit - Private Jet Charter

The A109 is flown by either one or two pilots. The cockpit can be fitted with either single or dual pilot instruments. The IFR package includes a 3 axis duplex autopilot with flight director. It also has a voice announced engine monitoring and warning system. Overall, its systems make it one of the safest aircrafts with a redundant, failsafe design and low maintenance costs.

The A109 can be equipped (on demand) with: Satellite telephone, CVR and FDR, reinforced windshield, snow skis, emergency floats and life rafts (for sea missions), baggage compartment extensions and more.


Travelling in a Agusta A109

The A109 cabin can be reconfigured to fit your specific needs. The standard configuration (with is VIP by default) is designed for 6 to 7 passengers and the baggage compartment sizes (both internal and external) can be adjusted. It can also be switched to a medical configuration when clients need to be repatriated. Baggage compartments can be accessed from the side and the back, so that you don’t waste time loading it and the interior has been tailored to the highest levels of Italian craftsmanship.

Compared to a private jet, you will have much larger windows (even wider windows are available on demand) which make it a great aircraft for tours and sightseeing. Comfort hasn’t been compromised. The bleed air heater will allow for cabin temperature control and air conditioning while a refrigerated drawer will keep your drinks cool. The cabin has also been soundproofed to provide a quiet environment (you could even consider working while you’re travelling) and has an integrated entertainment system (if you don’t feel like working).

You can learn even more about the Agusta 109 and Agusta Westland on their Official Page.


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