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Our Fleet of Private Helicopters for Charter

Private air travel is all about the freedom and convenience of customized and personalized flights. The experience of flying to your destination in a private aircraft, avoiding the traffic, and touching down in style at your next business meeting, social event or sporting fixture.

Fast, efficient and stylish, private helicopter charter is the epitome of the private air travel experience. At Private Jet Charter US, we have an extensive fleet of private helicopters for you to select from for your next airport transfer or short hop executive or personal charter flight.

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How much will it cost to rent a Augusta Private Helicopter?

Previously Agusta Bell helicopters, after the recent merger with Westland Eurocopter, they now form part of the Eurocopter family, which is the largest manufacturer of helicopters world-wide. Spacious and luxurious, Agusta Helicopters are built for comfort and speed, so make the ideal chopper for VIPs and executives.


How much will it cost to rent a Bell Private Helicopter?

A true model of efficiency, Bell's stand out from the other helicopters in their class. Reliable and comfortable for large charter groups and corporate helicopter charters, Bell's range of helicopters fly you there quickly and safely every time.


How much will it cost to rent a Eurocopter Private Helicopter?

Sleek, smooth and quiet are the characteristics that define the Eurocopter brand, which has been producing top quality and efficient helicopters longer than anyone else. A favorite for exclusive VIP and corporate charter flights, their spacious cabins are often used for helicopter tours, as they provide an ideal view.


How much will it cost to rent a Sikorsky Private Helicopter?

Long renowned for manufacturing outstanding military aircraft, most notably the iconic Black Hawk series, Sikorsky has also applied this manufacturing excellence to civilian air charter. Suitable for any type of flight, Sikorsky's helicopters are renowned for high-powered performance and amazing efficiency.

For larger groups or longer flights, consider our fleet of private jets and aircraft. View our entire fleet of airplanes and models for more information, try our aircraft selector tool, or get an instant flight quote by submitting your flight details online or by calling one of our aviation consultants on +1 954-271-7103.