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Why do people fly Private Jets and what do they look for when booking them?

Flying on a Private Jet was once an exclusive indulgence of the super-rich, however as we are flying through 2014 we can clearly see the emerging differences that private travel is taking.

Who are the people that use private jets and what are the advantages? Through talking to our clients at Private Jet Charter we can see some interesting reasons for travelling via private jet.

A high number of private jet users are CEO’s, they make up in excess of 50% of our clients. These clients own well established businesses in the global market or they are experiencing growth internationally. The appeal of private travel for them reportedly, is the ability to conduct business faster than ever before. Using a private jet service means that these CEO’s can organise a trip at any time and pretty much book and go.

“One day at my office in London I was speaking to a new contact I had recently made whilst in Geneva. Both of us were interested in integrating business relations with an associate from Italy. Eventually we all agreed that Nice would be a great location for all 3 of us to meet in person again, have some lunch and discuss business.

If it wasn’t for being able to fly direct when we needed to, then the meeting may not have happened that week, let alone the same day! That’s how real business is made.”

CEO of a European Distribution Company
Rated Private Jet Charter: ★★★★★

CEO’s also use smaller jets more frequently, such as the Learjet 45, Hawker 1000 and Cessna Citation XLS. Interestingly we can see the larger the company grows, the larger the jet required. What is the reason for this trend? It’s because executives tapping into industries further across the globe require much larger aircraft, that can travel far greater distances.

Some choose larger aircraft simply because there is more room to walk about and relax (even on short journeys, e.g. London to Paris), yet others need them because they travel internationally and take more passengers. In these circumstances we see a different range of jets being more commonly used, such as the Dassault Falcon 7X, Gulfstream G550 & G650 and the Bombardier Global 5000. These aircraft have larger cabins (around 6ft+ tall and 7ft+ wide), can travel a distance of London to Dubai non-stop with ease and have a greater passenger capacity (up to 16+ people).

It’s no surprise to see such a high correlation between large companies and private travel,
but who else uses private aircraft, and why?

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The Music Industry - Private Jets & Helicopters

The music industry is a sector that regularly uses private travel, and it’s clear why it has become so integral for worldwide tours to run successfully.

“When you’re organizing a worldwide tour taking in over 20 countries, time and efficiency are beyond importance. Could you imagine running a tour of this magnitude using commercial transport?? It would be impossible! By using private aircraft I know that the performers and the equipment are where they should be, when I need them to be. Perfect.”

Tour Manager for US based Artists
Rated Private Jet Charter: ★★★★★

For the Music Industry the Fairchild Dornier 328 and McDonnell Douglas MD 83 are always popular, the reason for this is that they both have a large cargo hold for touring equipment and can take from 30 to 44+ passengers.

Orchestra’s and Travelling Theatre productions are also regular users of these planes because of the amount of performers and stage equipment they have to take on the road with them.

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The Sports Industry - Jets & Helicopters

Another user of large jets and VIP Airliners is the Sports Industry. They frequently use the Boeing 757 VIP, Fokker 100 and the Airbus A319. These VIP Airliners are perfect for taking large groups of people in business or VIP configuration. On the Fokker 100 you can take up to 50 passengers in luxury first class seats, which is our most popular jet for sports teams.

However, some do require more than 50 seats, in which case the Boeing 757 is used and can take up to an enormous 200+ passengers.

“We run a tight schedule for getting the players ready to go abroad so being able to organise the precise time we fly is massively beneficial.

Are there any other reasons for flying privately?
With so many high profile players could you imagine walking into a public terminal, we’d get ambushed! Hiring our own plane is the only way to keep these guys safe and on time.”

Travel Co-ordinator for a European Sports Team
Rated Private Jet Charter: ★★★★★

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Uber-Rich - Private Jets & Helicopters

And now for the moment everyone’s been waiting for! – What do the Uber-Rich charter?

If you have the money, then the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ & BBJ2) or the Airbus (A319 VIP & A320) are the best aircraft to hire.

These VIP Airliners are the most luxurious and expensive jets to rent. A return trip from London to Las Vegas would cost in excess of £250,000 (Based on chartering an Airbus A319). The Boeing BBJ2 is a VIP configured Airliner, which can come with a lounge area, bar, bedrooms, bathrooms, cinema, boardroom, dining room and more.

The super-rich use these airliners frequently, but what type of trips do they use them for? It would appear that such clientele travel almost as much for fun as business! That’s right over 48% of the world’s elite use their rented aircraft for holidays, seeing friends, flying people to them, or even just to have a party on a private plane!

We were lucky enough to get feedback from one of our clients about his trip on a BBJ. He said that he’d been working non-stop and just really wanted to have fun with his friends for a few days. So he decided to take a BBJ to Las Vegas with £40,000’s worth of Vintage Dom Pérignon, gourmet catering and all his best friends. Needless to say the trip was a huge success! All together the plane journey cost around £500,000 as he wanted to pick some friends up en route. He can be my BFF any day!!

So we know that big companies, sports teams, artists and the uber-rich use private jets, but what about everyday people like you and I?

The answer realistically is no. Statistics show that less than 1% of the general public have ever chartered a private jet, but don’t lose hope!

If you have the right number of passengers in your group to suit the size of aircraft it’s not outside the realms of possibility. We often have groups for golfing weekends, for example London – Deauville, skiing trips for groups of friends, for example London – Chambery for skiing in the les Trois Vallées, or Hen & Stag weekend parties to Cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona or Dublin. For some of us private travel may be a once in a lifetime treat, but it is certainly one that you will remember for a lifetime.

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What does an individual want from a private jet? And more importantly how can we find out?

At Private Jet Charter we stay in frequent contact with our clients, and this is a huge element to make any business successful. By talking to our clients more frequently we begin to understand what each individual really wants out of a trip.

A small proportion of clients want the cheapest price on the smallest aircraft but most take to the skies in privacy because they want the best! Newer aircraft with luxurious interiors and spacious cabins that you can relax in.

These people want absolute luxury including the finest catering and standards of service, mainly because they can!

If you were to charter a private aircraft would a packet of peanuts and a pair of half broken headphones really be enough? No of course it wouldn’t. You’ve paid more to get more, and simply put – the more you spend, the more you get.

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How can this level of luxury be delivered every time?

A simple philosophy of keeping the luxury traveller happy is to keep ‘luxury’ as a standard every time. We organise ground transportation in the form of a beautiful chauffeur driven limousine to take the client to/from the airport, have a representative personally greet them at the departure lounge and take their luggage for them.

We ensure the food on board is exactly what the client has requested (even if we have to get certain items shipped in from around the world or from their favorite restaurant). We can also book a 5+ star hotel or private apartment for them ready for their arrival, and obviously we would have hand picked an aircraft that is beyond expectation.

The key point is to always ask questions, to know exactly what the client wants, as every trip is different.

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Do you have any interesting stories about your clients?

Yes, there are many stories to choose, here are a small selection that we’ve been allowed to share with you:

Flying to the beach

For a team building exercise the CEO of a large Communications company decided to take his team to Newquay, Cornwall for a surfing trip. The cabin attendants on the flight adorned Hawaiian Shirts and skirts as per the clients request. The catering for the flight included Hawaiian Pizzas and Caribbean Cocktails all round!

12 Falcons

So what do you do when your pride collection of 12 falcons need to be moved to another country? You rent a private jet, have the entire interior covered in tarpaulins (just in case any of these magnificent birds of prey should have a toilet mishap), and you’d also need the expertise of 2 professionally trained falcon handlers to take them there! One of our clients happened to be in this predicament and it cost $320,000 to make it happen. He’s never been happier!

Doing anything special for Valentines?

A client of ours wanted to do something incredibly romantic for his wife and needed a private jet. He decided that he would whisk his wife away to a luxurious private beach for some sun and romance. However, after he surprised her with a wonderful holiday she then got an even bigger surprise! An entire VIP Airliner (BBJ / Boeing Business Jet) filled with entirely with red roses. Needless to say her spirits were sky high!