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Charter a Piaggio 180 Aircraft

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Piaggio 180 - Charter info

The P180 Avanti is an uncommon turbofan private jet. It is very easy to recognize because of its design that has been described as both brilliant and crazy. However, at Private Jet Charter, we like all private jets and this one makes no exception. We simply love this special little guy and that’s why we would like to share it with you today.


Facts about the Piaggio 180 Private Aircraft

Aircraft Type: Turboprop

Seats: 7

Range: 1.470 nm (2,724.2 km)

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 14 ft 11 in (4.55 m), Width 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m), Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

Luggage capacity: 44 cubic feet (1.25 m³)

Piaggio 180 Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

The P180 was first flown in September 1986 and acquired certification in October 1990. The builder, Piaggio (you might know the brand for the Vespa they have created) has already made more than 200 of them! The cost of the aircraft is, all things considered, very cheap with only 7 million dollars.

The length of the plane is 47 feet, its width is 46 feet and its height is 13 feet. The cabin (without the cockpit) is 14 feet long and 6 feet wide. You may have to bow your head a little bit if you are tall as its height is just short of 6 feet.

The maximum fuel capacity of the new and enhanced version (P180 Avanti II) is still fairly small with only 2800 pounds. Empty, a P180 II weighs 7850 pounds on average. It can take off as heavy as 12100 pounds. It is equipped with 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66B turbofan engines of 634 KW of power (it is roughly equivalent to 9.6kN of thrust). Fairly powerful for such a light plane!

The P180 II can land on as little as 3282 feet of runways after flying for more than 4 hours. It can cover distances as long as 1470 nautical miles at a maximum speed of 400 knots. Its operational speed however is around 357 knots.

Piaggio 180 Aircraft Cabin Dimensions


Upgrades on the P180 Avanti II which is now the model you can buy (the first version is no longer assembled) have enhanced the aircraft overall. Its development has been based on the P180 and a jet propelled version P180 3X is being developed. The P180 is, surprisingly, a very silent private jets.

Piaggio 180 Cockpit Cockpit - Private Jet Charter

P180s integrated cockpits are designed to enhance reliability, safety and efficiency. They are equipped with the latest technologies available such as the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. It can even be flown by a single pilot. There is a total of 8 LCD displays in the cockpit.

Aerodynamics is really at the core of the design and the unusual shape and propulsion methods on the P180 pay off drastically. Its fuel consumption is as much as halved compared to jets of its category. It is worth noting than thanks to the position and design of the engines, the cabin is one of the most silent cabins you can get.


Travelling in a Piaggio Avanti II

The cabin of the P180 Avanti II is bigger than cabins of other aircraft of the same category, once again, thanks to its unusual design. It will provide you with enough space to work or relax comfortably. You will be able to take up to 9 passengers on board (6 in super VIP configuration). Configuration can be changed to fit your needs or tastes and a range of accessories is available. The aircraft is equipped with broadband, in-flight entertainment system, mood lighting system and electro chromic window shades. With very low noise levels (68 dB) and soothing options you’re sure to land feeling refreshed!

You can read more about the aircraft and Piaggio on their Official Website.


Piaggio Aerospace Official Video

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Photo credit: Piaggio