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Charter a McDonnell Douglas MD83

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of the McDonnell Douglas MD83


McDonnell Douglas MD83 - Charter info

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series is a series of very recognizable airliners that started with the MD80 and ended with the MD88 with the most popular version being the MD83. These aircrafts, although not the most recent, are still flown around the world and when converted for VIP travel, they make amazing private jets. The Private Jet Charter team is mainly composed of aviation geeks, so you won’t be surprised to learn that this is one of our (if not our) favourite aircraft. This is why we would like to share it with you today.


Facts about the McDonnell Douglas MD83

Aircraft Type: VIP Airliner

Seats: up to 44 to 60 in VIP Configuration

Range: 2,504 Nautical Miles (4,635 km)

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 101 ft (30.78 m), Width 10 ft 3 in (3.12 m) , Height 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)

Luggage capacity: 1,103 cubic feet (31.2 m³)

McDonnell Douglas MD83 Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

The MD80 series was first released in 1980 after a first flight on October 1979. The manufacturer, McDonnell Douglas (which merged with Boeing in 1997) has developed the series as an improvement over its DC-9 and has delivered 1191 aircraft from the MD80 series. The price for a second hand MD83 varies but should be between 41 and 49 million dollars.

The length of a MD83 is on 147.8 feet; its width is 107.8 feet and its height 29.6 feet. The cabin is an impressive 101 feet long and 10 feet wide. Inside, you have 6.9 feet of headroom which, unless you’re a giant, is high enough to stand up.

The maximum fuel capacity of the aircraft is 26000 litres. The empty weight of the MD83 is 79700 pounds. As a maximum it can take of as heavy as 160000 pounds! It is equipped with two Pratt and Whitney JT8D-219s turbofan engines which are capable of 21000 pounds of thrust each. The cruise altitude for the MD83 is 35000 feet.

The MD83 can land on runways 6561 feet long after flying for 9 hours. Its maximum range is 4000 nautical miles and max speed 502 knots.

McDonnell Douglas MD83 VIP Airliner inside diagram and dimensions


Compared to the previous versions the MD83 has received engines that are more powerful and auxiliary tanks at the front and the back of the midsection. Its maximum take-off weight has also been improved but its range mainly depends on the amount of passengers it carries. As you can see in the picture below, the cockpit is very recognizable, with classic buttons and mechanical gauges.

McDonnell Douglas MD83 VIP Airliner - Private Jet Charter

One dead giveaway when looking at an aircraft that it is a MD83 is the tail section. Its T shape and the location of the engines at the back are very easy to spot. These traits allowed the plane to have better performances compared to aircrafts of its time. Nowadays however, some planes managed to reach better performances. It is also worth noting that the cargo door design has been reverted to opening inwards as opposed to the previous design which opened outwards and had created some issues. Overall, the MD83 is a very safe plane


Travelling in a McDonnell Douglas MD83

The MD83’s cabin can accommodate the needs of many or the few. Depending on the level of luxury or the amount of passengers it can seat from 42 to a maximum of 172 in a regular airliner configuration. The most comfortable configuration you can find is obviously the most luxurious. It includes a bedroom with its own shower, a central seating area with an open space which would be perfect for a party (assuming you like to dance), and around 40 seats at the back if you want to relax on your own and use the entertainment system to play a game of watch a movie.

Nowadays, the MD83 that are still in service have often been updated with current technology. You can expect to find on board the usual telephones, CD and DVD players and LCD television. We have even heard of one that had a 3D air show system!

You can learn even more about the MD83 on Boeing’s official website.

Neil Diamond getting on a Private a McDonnell Douglas MD83.