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Charter a Learjet 45 Aircraft

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of Learjet 45


Learjet 45 - Charter info

The learjet 45 is one of the most commonly flown private jets in the USA. It has been very popular in the USA and Europe for years and is iconic for the majority of people when talking about private jets. What makes this aircraft so desirable to be their number one charter option? Read below to find out more.


Facts about the Learjet 45 Private Aircraft

Aircraft Type: Light Jet

Seats: 8

Range: 1,824 nm (3,380.2 km)

Crew: Captain & First Officer

Cabin dimensions: Length 19 ft 8 in (4.78 m), Width 5ft 1 in (1.55 m), Height 4 ft 9 in (1.45 m)

Luggage capacity: 65 cubic feet (1.84 m³)

Learjet 45 Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

The learjet 45 was first released in January 1998. Its maker, Bombardier Aerospace has delivered more than 400 of these aircrafts! All things considered it is a rather economical aircraft with a cost of around 11 million dollars per unit.

The length of the jet is 58 feet, its width is 47 feet and its height is 14 feet. The cabin (from the cockpit divider to the end of the pressurized compartment) is 19.75 feet long and 5.12 feet wide. The headroom of the cabin is about 5 feet.

The maximum fuel capacity of the aircraft is very average with only 6,062 pounds. Empty a Learjet 45 weighs 12,850 pounds. It can, when needed, take off as heavy as 21500 pounds. Learjets 45 are equipped with Honeywell TFE731-20-BR engines which are capable of 3500 pounds of thrust. They can provide an exceptional time-to-climb performance and better than average cruise speeds.

These jets can land on runways 2,660 feet long after flying for about 4 hours. Their maximum range is 1800 nautical miles at a speed of 432 knots.

Learjet 45 Aircraft Cabin Dimensions


Bombardier Aerospace fitted their aircrafts with proven technology from Honeywell -information system, autopilot, weather radar and flight director- to keep up with their high reliability standard. Their communication system and navigation system is provided by Honeywell which can also provide the Learjets 45 with TCAS II.

Learjet 45 Cockpit Cockpit - Private Jet Charter

The Learjet 45 is flown by a crew of two. The design of the cockpit is ergonomic. It features electric defogging and anti-icing for the windscreen – the aircraft also has anti-icing features for its engines, wings, tail and pitot tubes.

The Learjet 45 XR version has slightly higher take-off weight, time-to-climb rate and cruise speed. These changes were made possible by upgrading the engines; upgrades that can be added to a regular Learjet 45.


Travelling in an Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 cabin can be reconfigured to fit your specific needs. In double-club seating, you will be able to travel with 8 other passengers. Swivelling recliner seats and tables come as standard in this configuration to help you enjoy you fellow passengers’ company. The galley provides full passenger facilities. Honeywell provides the air conditioning and pressurisation technology, making sure that your flights are comfortable.

You can learn even more about the Learjet and Bombardier Aerospace on the official website.

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Photo credit: Bombardier Learjet